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Run to a healthy lifestyle

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Run to a healthy lifestyle
The contents

  • Running as a form of fitness
  • The value of running for a healthy lifestyle
  • Fitness, which gives happiness
  • The effects of running on the body
  • The correct approach to physical exercise
  • Weight loss with Jogging
  • We do not recommend running

Such a large race is held on the territory of Russia for 14 years. Annually in it take part in almost all cities and rural areas of the country, involving each time more and more Russians are not indifferent to the sport. The aim of the organizers of the event is to interest as many people as possible, regardless of fitness level, age, and social status, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. To test their strength in the “Cross of Nations” can be anyone. And for someone participating in it becomes a strong incentive for further fitness activities, including Jogging.

Running as a form of fitness

A healthy lifestyle means not only eating right, getting enough sleep and avoiding harmful habits, but also exercise. For some, it may be workouts of varying intensity in the gym under the guidance of an experienced coach, others choose fitness at home. Some prefer morning or evening jog in the fresh air, they are less useful for maintaining the health and good mood. After all, even our ancestors appreciated the benefits of running, and was popular among the Greeks the expression “Want to be strong — run, want to be beautiful — run, want to be smart — run”. It precisely characterizes the positive impact of the sport on a person.

The value of running for a healthy lifestyle

Running is one of the most affordable and effective sports. It does not require additional equipment, special equipment and facilities. Quite comfortable sports suit, comfortable shoes and a place, preferably away from the roadway.

Fitness in the form of Jogging has a big impact on our health and body. First, regular practice of this sport have a positive effect on joints and the spine, Central nervous system, improves the circulatory and cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol due to the fact that normalizes lipid metabolism.

Secondly, during such physical activity due to the increased breathing increases the oxygen that will activate the most vital processes in the body. In addition, running has a positive effect on the immune system, allowing you to resist colds. This is especially important in epidemiological period.

Also, thanks to the run improves the function of the digestive system, normalize blood pressure and sleep.

Fitness, which gives happiness

Jogging, like most other workouts, are considered to be a good way to fight against stress and bad mood. The fact is that the classroom the hormone endorphin, so-called hormone of happiness.

Morning run, despite the physical strain, give a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day, improve mental performance and productivity. Evening classes are running as an antidepressant, relieving stress and eliminating negative emotions accumulated during the day.

Yet, this sport contributes to the development of such important qualities as strength of will, endurance and discipline, which is very important for people who have decided to start a healthy lifestyle.

The effects of running on the body

It is believed that during the run consume most of the muscle. The body becomes fit and physically tough.

Such fitness well influences not only the internal organs, but also on the musculoskeletal system. It helps to strengthen bones, which is important for prevention of osteoporosis, osteochondrosis and other similar diseases. Noted that people engaged in Jogging, much less injuries than those that lead a passive lifestyle. But keep in mind that classes should be moderate, without excessive load, otherwise it may cause problems and permanently delete the workout.

The correct approach to physical exercise

To ensure that the running has become useful, it is important to prepare your body and joints for the upcoming physical exertion. This will help a good warm-up. It will fit circular rotation of the torso, feet, leg swings, twisting, lifting on socks. Hot body more susceptible to future stress. After Jogging you should take a little stretching of the muscles.

Beginners to running should start with short distances and increase the distance gradually. The best option are considered to be 3-4 runs per week.

Weight loss with Jogging

A healthy lifestyle is attracting more and more people. For some it’s an opportunity to feel healthy and beautiful, for others the opportunity to increase self-esteem and become confident. And there are those who pursue multiple goals. Likewise with running.

Many choose Jogging to promote health and effective weight loss. And for good reason. It is known that regular exercise in combination with other interventions (nutrition, body care) do allow you to burn extra calories — an average of 300 for 30 minutes, and thus get rid of extra pounds.

It is believed that for effective weight loss, best to start with interval running, that is to alternate running and walking. This approach will enable the body to get used to the loads, to avoid discomfort in muscles and joints.

We do not recommend running

The value of running for a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized, but, despite the benefits of Jogging, there are still some limitations and contraindications to practice this type of fitness. So, for example, you cannot run people suffering from serious diseases of the heart and musculoskeletal system, varicose veins, diabetes, during inflammatory processes in the body.

Preferably, before Jogging, and indeed other sports, to consult with your doctor. After all, physical exercise can cause a worsening of existing diseases. Sometimes Jogging is recommended to replace walking at a fast pace. It is also effective and has certain advantages for the health.

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