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Rules that will help to clean the tummy

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What to do if you own a figure like everything except belly? There are several ways to adjust one part of the body without affecting the other (chest, for example). Let’s consider them in order.

The most common advice for those who want the belly to remove, is to lose weight. Type the amount of adipose tissue varies throughout the body more or less evenly, because to lose inches in one body part without affecting the other, it is impossible. In theory and practice occur a variety of incidents.

The stomach and weight loss

There is a very cute viral video on the Internet about how to reduce belly and increase breast in 30 seconds. I think he and your eye was caught.

Unfortunately, the reality turns out quite the opposite: we lose weight and think that the stomach is remove, but instead leaves the amount of the bust, lose the familiar roundness of the buttocks and hips are not happy. Why is this happening if the theory is that the fat must go everywhere evenly?

The reasons for the failure here are a few:

  • shift the body on the “state of siege” after a hard restrictive diet, in which in the flow are the muscles, and the amount of adipose tissue remains the same;
  • classes with an emphasis on pumping the abdominal muscles, which the waist is the opposite of “blurry” even more;
  • change the diet in favor of foods with low calorie and high volume causing flatulence, which increases the volume of the intestine, and with it the entire abdomen.


In the first case to rely on the reduction of waist size is not necessary because in the field the sides and the lower abdomen is the so-called “lifeline”, the area of accumulation of adipose tissue, the presence of which in the body of a woman genetically.

The high concentration of female sex hormones in the blood leading to distribution of adipose tissue mainly in the lower part of the body.

In prehistoric times these “emergency supplies” was the key to the survival of the woman and her children. Times have changed, and genetics no. Dietary restrictions immediately activates the program of preservation of fat around the “lifeline”.

And what is the result? To lose weight we lose weight, but the contours of the body this does not improve, and sometimes it gets really worse: instead of pleasing fullness and roundness is obtained the figure of the type “skinny fat”. Loose skin and visible folds of fat, nobody decorate.

Physical activity

Help to remove belly fat exercises. Not all of them. Some can give results opposite to the expected. For example, it is inefficient to download the press. Muscles of the anterior abdominal wall after loads become more extensive and take up a new position at which fat is pushed forward. The stomach becomes even more than it was. Active pumping of the oblique abdominal muscles makes the trunk square by smoothing the waist.

How to remove belly fat?

Here are a few options. The selection of the most appropriate depends on:

  • the severity of the problem;
  • the desired result;
  • the timing of the achievement of the result;
  • the presence of mood for a long and uncomfortable work on yourself;
  • the financial possibilities.

For those who urgently need

To reduce the amount of belly help:

  • the correct posture;
  • slimming underwear;
  • laxatives.

Tip to keep your back straight might seem trivial. However, manual workers, long hours sitting at a computer, share one problem: the tone of the abdominal muscles and front of the thighs increases, the pelvis is displaced anteriorly, the deflection in the lumbar spine is flattened. This leads to the fact that the stomach, even in the presence of small bulges of fat juicy folds.

How to remove belly fat quickly? Bend the cat, to feel the lumbar spine has gone forward and the buttocks backwards and upwards to straighten your shoulders and stretch your neck. Keeping this position, please note on your stomach. It is quite another thing!

To save the situation, when the bodycon dress I can’t zip it, maybe a corset or special slimming underwear. Corsets can easily sew to order. Thus, you can choose any cut, and the density degree.

Copes well with the extra inches at the waist grass, Senna and other laxatives. Took the night rejoice in the morning flat belly. It is a pity that the effect is short-term, before the first heavy meal.

For those who want to work on yourself

It will help exercise. The key to success is proper exercise. This bracket, vacuum massage and wrap with weighting.

How you can remove belly fat through exercise? Regularly performing the above exercises do not take much time, but allows you to:

  • to put in order the muscles will promote good posture;
  • to improve the muscle tone of the anterior abdominal wall in such a way as not to push the fat outwards;
  • to break the fat in the abdomen and sides.

How much time will it take to exercise? Plank runs 1 minute, 2, “vacuum” runs for 1 minute, twist the Hoop for about 15 minutes while watching TV. Not so much if you consider that to perform these exercises at home at any time of the day.

For those who want fast and lasting results

Liposuction allows to remove fat in the abdomen during one visit to the clinics of plastic surgery. This option is suitable for those who:

  • want to remove scars, hernia and other surgical diseases and cosmetic imperfections of the anterior abdominal wall.
  • planning a breast augmentation or other parts of the body’s own fat.

In plastic surgery there is nothing wrong. It is important to realize the fact that you did everything you could in order to get the result without any surgical intervention as hard recovery period and complications can wipe out all the joy from the new body contours.

Each of us has a list of stereotyped ideas about what to do to achieve the result. Not all of them are effective, but we rarely think about it, because to sit on a hard diet and do crunches at the press of the time.

If you stop for a minute and think about it, it turns out that to achieve results quickly and easily. It is important to know how to do it. The correct posture, a 15-minute lessons a day, the correct diet and wardrobe – and now the issue volume of the abdomen has lost its relevance.

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