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Rules of strength training and basic exercises for treatment of the entire body

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Rules of strength training and basic exercises for treatment of the entire body

The contents

  • Rules home workouts for men
  • The complex of exercises for muscles of arms, back and chest
  • Exercises for muscles of feet
  • Effective AB workout

The gym provides a huge variety of attachments for muscles, enables efficient and fully develop the body. However, the inability to work out regularly in the gym is not a barrier to building a beautiful body, fitness training can be carried out at home, by choosing the right exercises and correctly accounting for the program. Its efficiency home workouts for men are somewhat inferior in the gym due to the lack of a complete set of equipment, however, responsible approach can be a wonderful alternative to them.

Rules home workouts for men

Deciding to start training at home, you need to follow the basic rules of training that will ensure not only their positive effects, but also to prevent possible injury:

  • Each session always begin with a warm-up, efficiently heat the entire body regardless of what muscle group you plan to work out today. Repeating each movement 10 times, start the workout with neck, slowly moving down, making the head tilts, the rotation of the hands and shoulders, turns and inclinations of the torso, squats and lunges, rotation stops and running in place. Total warm-up time should be about 15 minutes, during which you will be able thoroughly to prepare the body for athletic activity.
  • Every workout try to explore one or more muscle groups in advance by preparing effective exercises. Stick to your fitness program from time to time increasing used weight weights and number of sets.
  • From the beginning it is not necessary to use too much weight. Start small, define the load level that suits you. Then experience growth, stamina and strength you can gradually increase the load.
  • The quality of the exercises is one of the most important indicators of training, which need to work in the first place and only then to increase the number of sets and reps.

The problem of the lack of necessary equipment can be solved by purchasing a gym bench, barbell and dumbbells matched. With this equipment you can work the whole body, to fill the training program, diverse exercises that will make it even more effective.

For optimal result it’s recommended to do three times a week, leaving at least one day to recover the muscles. For such a mode is a three-day training split in which every day performs a specific set of exercises for one large or several small muscle groups.

The complex of exercises for muscles of arms, back and chest

Only starting to engage, it is desirable to perform exercises with the own weight, making a small number of approaches that will help to get involved in the training process, it is good to practice the technique and minimize the risk of injury.

The first day is given at the elaboration of muscles of the shoulder girdle, chest, back and arms, many of which are antagonists:

  • The best basic exercise for all these muscles — push-UPS. First few months do the classic pushup in which the hands and feet should be placed shoulder width apart, and palms placed on the floor fingers forward. For a start, do 2 sets of 12.
  • For the following exercises use dumbbells small weight, take them in hand and push along the body. Bend your arms, making the lifting of the dumbbells towards the shoulders and turning at the same hands. Try to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
  • Lie face down, legs lock under any support — it could be a sofa or a battery. Put your hands behind your head, elbows at your sides. Raise your upper body off the floor, caving in the back. Make the fitness element 50.

Exercises for muscles of feet

The second training day worked out all the lower body where the greatest muscle:

  • Stand up straight, feet can be put on shoulder width or slightly wider Department — thus you can increase the load on a particular part of the thigh. Keep your back straight, upper extremity behind your head, slowly squat until thighs are parallel the floor, while do not put the knees over the toes. Try to perform 3 sets of 18 repetitions.
  • Standing straight, step one leg forward and squat down, bending both legs so that the joints formed right angles. Return to starting position and do 3 sets of 12 times for each leg.
  • The following exercise is designed to work out the leg muscles. Stand up straight, socks feet first, a bit turn inside and then out. Rise on socks for 20 times for each stop.

Effective AB workout

The following exercises are designed to exercise the abdominal muscles, which often accumulates excess fat:

  • Upper abs is studied with the help of short sit-UPS.

Lie on your back, feet abut the floor surface, the upper limb behind the head. Follow UPS of the shoulders and upper back 3 sets of 30 times. To burn excess fat of motion you need to perform quickly, and for building muscle and gaining elevation slowly with the weights.

  • Oblique abdominal muscles are trained by using twists.

Take the original position, similar to the previous one, and then perform a short sit-UPS, alternately touching opposite elbow to the knee. Do 2 sets of 20 reps each.

  • Lower abs is the leg lifts, lying on your back.

Place hands behind head, legs straight slowly lift to vertical position and lower back as well, trying not to put them on the floor. Perform 3 sets of 20 lifts.

By fully recognising this programme training and acquiring the necessary physical shape, you can begin to complicate the exercises, for example, performing pushups with narrow and wide setting of the arms, and squats and lunges — with weights.

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