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Rules of performance of exercises to pump the legs and the press

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Rules of performance of exercises to pump the legs and the press

The contents

  • The basics for effective fitness training
  • Training program for pumping press
  • Exercise for training legs
  • Contraindications

Exercise for pumping the press and feet are included in the program of any basic fitness training. They are necessary for the development and strengthening of the abdominal, leg and gluteal muscles, forming a beautiful, proportional shape of the relief body, and, combined with the adjustment of nutrition for weight loss. All items are available to complete the sports club and the home.

The basics for effective fitness training

To bleeding and leg press was the most effective, fitness training should be done considering the following recommendations:

  • start training only after 40 minutes after a snack or after 1.5-2 hours after a main meal;
  • warm up the muscles before performing the basic exercises with intense cardio (running in place, jumping);
  • control your breathing – inhale on the effort, exhale on the relaxation;
  • do all the elements adhering to the proper technique of the movements.
  • do exercises for abs and legs 3-4 times a week and don’t combine them with other strength fitness training.

In addition to the above, you should adjust the feeding regime, especially if there are problems with excess weight. Without a caloric deficit will not work to get rid of fat in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.

Training program for pumping press

All exercises from the fitness program suggested below, it is recommended to do 15 times in 2-3 laps (for beginners). The break between elements should be 15-30 seconds between sets to 2 minutes.

  • Training upper abdominal muscles.
  • Go belly up, legs bent at the knees. Feet spread shoulder-width shoulder joints. Hands to close to the castle on the back of the head, elbows to steer to the side. On the exhale, make a fold, the maximum lifting and bringing knees to chest. Fix for 1-2 seconds. On the inhale to return to starting point.
  • The original pose is the same, left leg bent at the knee, the right – to straighten and be raised slightly above the floor. Hands to relax and stretch to the side, the rear side of the brush to put them on the floor. Exhale off the floor, raise your pelvis and straight leg so that the body from the shoulders to the knee of the bent leg was a straight line. On the inhale to return to starting point. After the completion of the set to perform item the other leg.
  • From the same original positions to raise the knees bent legs so that the hip was located against the body at an angle of 90. Straight arms stretched along the body. Exhaling raise upper body and bring the torso to the knees, stretching your arms forward. Inhaling, return to starting position.
    • A selection of exercises for oblique abdominal muscles.
  • Standing straight, place feet shoulder width hip joints, knees slightly bent. Hands folded in the lock on the back of the head, elbows to steer to the side. Stretch the core muscles, pelvis slightly forward. Tilt left and right upper torso, keeping the fixed bottom.
  • From a straight stand to place the feet slightly wider than hips, knees slightly bent. Right hand positioning on the belt, left to raise up. Make 2 dynamic tilt to the right. To switch hands, run 2 same tilt to the left. Perform the desired number of slopes on each side.
  • Go belly up, legs bent at the knees. Feet set slightly wider than the hips. Direct hands a little diluted to the sides and pulling forward. Off the floor your shoulders and scapula. To do twisting left and right, trying to reach the right brush to the left tibia and Vice versa.
    • Training the lower abdominals.
  • Lie on your back, straight leg raise up to an angle of 90 between them and the housing. Hands to put on the sides of the buttocks, palms down. Fixing his socks up off the floor, and then lower back area of the pelvis.
  • While in the starting position of the previous element, leave one foot on the top, and the second, not touching the floor, lower down. To change the reverse, make the desired number of alternating movements of each leg.
  • Exercise for training legs

    Exercises to work out the legs, you can do both with weights and without them. The number of repetitions and approaches – what the training program for the press.

    • The classic version of squats.

    To put the foot slightly wider than the hips parallel to each other, hands folded in the lock on the chest. Keeping your back straight, sit down. The pelvis is fed back to the limit, but not lower it below the level of the knees. Themselves knee joints to keep in the same plane with the toes. Get up, leave the knees slightly bent.

    • Lunges forward.

    Starting position same as in the previous item, only hands fixed on the waist. Step forward with your left foot, bending your knee at an angle of 90. Back don’t bend, don’t slouch, chin up not down. Thigh leg at the back should be perpendicular to the floor and the Shin is parallel. To return to the starting point, make a lunge with the other leg.

    • Mahi ago.

    To put the foot together, hands on hips. Retract and to lift the straight right leg. Then lower down (not touching the floor) and to raise again. To make the desired number of swings. To change feet.

    • The rise of the body on the socks.

    Keeping the source position, rise on socks and fall down. Make the desired number of repetitions. Exercise can be difficult, making lifts on two legs, and one (first on the right, then the left or Vice versa).

    • Climbing to the platform.

    Be in front of the platform, hands down. To raise and put on the platform of the left leg, to climb it, standing with both feet. Raise left leg, bent at the knee, simulating walking up the stairs. Lock to 1 and 3 seconds, lower limb and back to the floor. To do a lift the right leg.


    Fitness training to study foot and abdominal muscles are prohibited in the following diseases and health conditions:

    • scoliosis;
    • problems with veins;
    • any hernias;
    • high blood pressure;
    • in the postoperative period;
    • prolapse of internal organs;
    • malignancies.

    Pumping press is also contraindicated in girls during the critical days during the first 3 months after birth and 6 months after cesarean section and during pregnancy (without a doctor).

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