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Rules of fitness for a beautiful waist slimming exercises

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Rules of fitness for a beautiful waist slimming exercises
The contents

  • The reasons of completeness and the ways of losing weight belly
  • Rules of fitness for slim waist
  • Best exercises for a flat stomach

Slim waist beneficial beautifies even the most imperfect figure, but to achieve harmony it is often difficult. The usual twisting does not always help to burn excess fat in this area, especially if there is a genetic predisposition to its accumulation. Along with the implementation of special exercises for belly and waist, you should also follow other rules of General weight loss.

The reasons of completeness and the ways of losing weight belly

Some people by nature have a large body type and therefore a wide waist. To make it slimmer in this case is quite difficult, can not be said about those who are not genetically inclined to completeness and has under-developed muscle mass.

Not the last role plays and our hormone system. When a sufficient amount of estrogen a woman’s figure takes on a beautiful shape, it is distinctly different hip and chest, waist becoming thinner. If this hormone is insufficient in the body, the waist line will be less noticeable. At the same time, the female body is designed so that excess fat first accumulates in the abdomen and sides — thus it works as a protective mechanism for the safety of the fetus during pregnancy.

Other possible reasons for the wide waist is low level of physical activity, eating large amounts of junk food with a variety of chemical additives, foods containing sugar and flour, soft drinks.

Based on the reasons for the postponement of excess belly fat, you can determine the basic direction of struggle with it. Weight loss in this area is so main points:

  • follow a regular regimen and the correct diet;
  • at least three times a week spend training, which should be cardio, basic exercises for the whole body and isolated to the abdominal muscles;
  • keep an active lifestyle, using less transport and more walking on foot;
  • get plenty of rest as 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep;
  • learn methods of dealing with stress, learn to relax and cope with anxiety.

Rules of fitness for slim waist

Conduct fitness exercise to reduce waist should be very careful, studying all the rules and guidelines. After all, when an excessive power load on the abdominal muscles, they start to grow, that will only make the waist wider.

A large amount often due to the presence of excess fat to get rid of that should be through adjusting diet and carrying out aerobic fitness workouts. This load will help to accelerate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, increase endurance of muscles and cardiovascular system, configure the correct breathing rhythm. It is best in this direction for the waist work sessions with hula-hoops, jumping rope, belly dancing and Jogging on the elliptical. All it provides weight loss by reducing fat.

For greater effect, for fitness for the stomach and waist, use these guidelines:

  • if you cannot visit the gym virtually all the same exercises can be performed at home, using guides from the Internet;
  • the success of your training depends largely on their regularity, so it takes at least three times a week (when you’re exhausted, or employment can reduce the set of exercises, but, in any case, do not skip training);
  • to enhance motivation, perform measurements of the waist, and repeat the control, clearly seeing their achievements;
  • adhere to the technique of execution of exercises, feeling each muscle;
  • don’t despair when the first movement will be difficult — the more often and longer you practice, the better you will get;
  • provide good air access to the premises for training;
  • right and steady breathing during exercise;
  • make sure to do the warm-up before training and stretching after it;
  • do not eat a minimum of 1.5 hours before and after class.

Best exercises for a flat stomach

The effect of weight loss provides intensive training lasting at least one hour, with the first 20 minutes should be given to the cardio, and then proceed to the main exercise for strength and endurance.

Effective exercises for the abdominal muscles and waist:

  • Lie on your back, feet abut at the floor, shoulders down firmly to the surface. Arms stretched along the body, do raise the pelvis as high as possible with a slight delay at the extreme.
  • Staying in the same position, stretch your arms forward and do the lifts the torso, including the work of mainly the abdominal muscles, not the back.
  • Without changing the position, put your hands behind your head and do alternating bending of the knees until they touch the floor.
  • Still lying on your back, put your hands behind your head and take short sit-UPS, lifting from the floor, only shoulders and shoulder blades.
  • Take position for push-UPS, fixed in the floor arms extended (or standing on the forearms). The body should be perfectly smooth. Hold this pose for at least a minute, trying each time to stand in the bar longer.
  • Sit up straight, legs bend at the knees and lift above the floor so the shins become parallel to the surface. Hands clasped in the lock, turn the torso to the side, trying to touch a clenched brushes the floor.
  • Lie on your back, hands put on his head. Do alternate leg lifts to vertical position without dropping them on the floor (keep legs above the surface approximately 10 cm).
  • Lying on your back, with your feet on the floor, the ankle of one leg place the other knee and do the oblique lifts the torso, the elbow touching the opposite knee.
  • Relax the abdominal muscles by using this exercise: lie on an exercise Mat face down, hands pull forward and slowly lift the torso up rotting with your back straight.
  • Each of the proposed exercises perform 2 sets of 25 times. Break between sets should be no more than one minute, and later it is better to train without interruptions.

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