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Rules law enforcement training: special training and sports nutrition

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Rules law enforcement training: special training and sports nutrition
The contents

  • Bodybuilding without “chemistry”
  • Natural bodybuilding: training
  • Natural bodybuilding: food rules
  • Sports nutrition in natural bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilding is training without steroids. Consider its main advantages and disadvantages. Try to figure out how to eat and train natural bodybuilder, and what kind of sports nutrition it can use.

Bodybuilding without “chemistry”

Natural bodybuilders do not spend hormonal stimulation of the body. They do not accept pharmaceutical preparations containing anabolic hormones, prohormones or substances influencing their production. Natural bodybuilders the level of anabolic hormones is determined and limited physiological characteristics of the organism. Those who use the “chemistry”, this limitation has been removed, as is the recharge of the hormones from the outside. Without hormonal makeup the ability to set muscle mass deteriorate. In athletes, “sitting” on steroids, the process of protein synthesis occurs faster and in greater volume. They respond best to training stress and can do more fiznagruzki.

But fans come to pay for the success of the training your health. The human body is not designed for such a powerful hormonal shake-up. The fascination with the “chemistry” is not for the bodybuilder gift. With the constant use of pharmaceuticals, there are various side effects, some of which persists long after the end of reception of anabolics. Large doses of anabolic steroids have a negative impact not only on the state of internal organs and the psyche of the athlete. The effect of “chemistry” is extremely unstable: it is necessary to stop taking the steroids and the athlete returns to its natural condition.

Natural bodybuilding: training

Training physical and “chemical” bodybuilders do not differ much from one another. Athlete who use steroids are able to train longer and needs less time to rest between exercises and between sets. The optimal duration of training natural bodybuilders is 40-45 minutes. Trainings that last longer could lead to overtraining and loss of muscle mass. In one 45-minute training session an athlete has time to do about 15 approaches, spending every 2-3 minutes. While 30 seconds is the exercise, and 90 seconds allotted for rest.

The increased production of anabolic hormones occurs under the influence of training stress. The heavier the exercise, the greater the stress. Therefore, bodybuilding is a preference for the basic exercises. They allow you to use very large weights and involve many muscle groups simultaneously. But the muscles quickly adapt to habitual exercise, and anabolic response to strength training is reduced. To avoid this, the load must continuously increase, or increasing the weight or number of repetitions.

To prevent the development of a training plateau helps periodization. If the training has been stagnant, sometimes it makes sense to arrange a few weeks of lighter training. In its simplest form periodization might look like this: on reaching the plateau to reduce the weight by 20-30%, for 8-9 weeks, gradually increase the load and finally to reach the weight by 5-10% more than where there has been stagnation. After the cycle is complete to start it again.

Stable heavy training overload the body and can enter the athlete into a state of overtraining. Periodic changes in the training plan help to avoid this. Sometimes you can just give yourself a few days of rest, if there is a feeling that the body is not fully recovered — natural bodybuilders it is only good. Need to train no more than 3-4 times a week.

Natural bodybuilding: food rules

In bodybuilding nutrition plays an equally important role than exercise. The natural bodybuilder must balance your diet for protein, fats and carbohydrates. The recommended ratio of PFC in muscle mass: proteins 35-25%, fats — 25-15%, carbohydrates — 60-40%. It is very important to provide the body with adequate amounts of protein. Its amount in the diet should increase as the growth in power loads. Protein can be obtain from foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, beef. A convenient source of protein sports nutrition. Protein shakes quickly prepared. It is convenient to take with you and drink after your workout.

In the period of muscle mass the diet should be a calorie surplus. But when excess caloric intake is increasing not only muscle but also fat. If you want to minimize jianakoplos and gain more lean muscle mass, it is necessary to adjust the ratio of PFC to decrease the proportion of carbohydrates. To get rid of excess fat will be in the next phase of training, called “drying”. The recommended ratio of PFC in the drying period: proteins 50-40%, fats — 40-30%, carbohydrates — 30-10%. Eating a bodybuilder must often: 5-6 times a day. Definitely need to establish the correct drinking regime. Actively training athlete requires an average of 2.5-3 liters of water a day.

Sports nutrition in natural bodybuilding

Natural bodybuilders can take sports additives and permitted pharmaceutical drugs. In the period of muscle mass it is advisable to use the following sports nutrition: weight gainer, protein, creatine, BCAA, pre-workout, and vitamin-mineral complexes. Their constituent substances present in regular foods, only in lower concentration. Under the ban are anabolic steroids, prosteroids, growth hormone, insulin, thyroid hormones, ephedrine, norephedrine, synthol, diuretics, etc., Prohibited “chemistry” athlete should not consume throughout his career in natural bodybuilding. If the athlete had previously taken steroids, he may be allowed to compete provided that after the receipt of prohibited medications at least 7 years.

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