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Rules Jogging and tips for physical activity

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Rules Jogging and tips for physical activity
The contents

  • Form for running
  • Sports equipment
  • Day mode during exercise
  • Time for running exercises.
  • Performing a warm-up
  • Competent running technique
  • The intensity of physical exercise
  • Place for physical activity
  • Stay
  • The results of physical activity

No matter you are a beginner runner or an experienced Sprinter — run the rules the same for everyone. They will help to achieve the desired results and to avoid injury. Such physical exercise as running makes the body slimmer and endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system and boosts immunity.

Jogging outdoors is especially useful for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. The main benefits of running is it requires no financial investment and particular sports training.

Form for running

Ranging from shoes and finishing underwear and everything is comfortable and breathable. Need to buy branded sports brands, just pay attention on the quality and functionality of things.

Choose clothes loose, no tight elastic bands and laces that can hinder circulation. The material is good for absorbing moisture and allow air: the body during physical activity releases a lot of sweat, which needs to quickly penetrate clothing. Otherwise there is the risk of skin irritations.

Shoes need comfortable and soft. Its main task is to provide shock absorption and a reliable traction sole with surface while Jogging. Cloth sneakers need to “breathe” in humid environment is not formed in the bacteria that lead to fungus.

Sports equipment

While running from the body leaves a lot of moisture, so you should take a training bottle with drinking water. During the breaks drink 1-2 full SIP, but not gulp, and in small portions.

If you are not able to control the correct level of physical activity and keep your heart rate, get special fitness gadget that will measure the right indicators and signal overload. With such devices easy to fix and the results of Jogging.

Day mode during exercise

If in the morning to run, and that evening to enjoy the club until late at night, the results of physical exertion to please will not. From such a regime, the body quickly tired out and exercise instead of good will only bring harm.

Based on the optimal regime: get up at 6-7 am and go at least an hour before midnight. Eat at least 5 times a day in small portions. Discard the fat and unnatural food that provides little energy and clogged arteries. Drink plenty of fluids — including at least two liters of clean drinking water per day. These simple rules will increase your stamina during exercise, and the results of the runs will be much better.

Time for running exercises.

The peak activity of the organism accounted for 6 am and 18 PM is the best time for all kinds of physical activity, including running. The body after they recovered a short time and in a natural mode.

Snow, rain or wind should not interfere with the regular running exercise. This is the main rule, which will allow you to see the desired results of physical activity. If you scheduled, say, run 4 times a week, set yourself a goal not to miss a workout. This is the case when self-organization is more necessary talent and experience. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, dress for the weather and go out for a run. Exception may be the only acute respiratory illness or high body temperature.

Performing a warm-up

The run usually starts with a walk briskly for 10-15 minutes. This allows you to warm up the muscles and prepare for the intensive work the cardiovascular system. In the same way it is necessary to complete the exercise. If too sharply to stop after intense exercise, you can get muscle spasms, nausea, dizziness, or to faint from the pressure.

Competent running technique

Physical load during the run should be comfortable. Recommended frequency of 180 steps per minute, but this figure is allowed to adjust, slightly increasing or decreasing.

Try to move silently. Land on heel, push off a sock foot should glide over the surface. While running the upper body slightly forward tilt and you feel that to cover the distance will be easier.

Breathe through your nose. Inhale and exhale rhythmically, adjusting to the pace. You need to breathe deeply and steadily, gaining air into the lungs by expanding the abdominal muscles. If you feel that you choke — slow down.

The intensity of physical exercise

For those new to running, proper physical exercise is particularly important. Better to start with 15-20 minutes of medium paced through the day with a gradual increase in distance and intensity. It is recommended to increase your weekly mileage by 10 %.

The running speed should also improve gradually. To start and finish a run you need with a slow tempo, maximum speed up only to the middle of the road. Regular Jogging with average speed has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, strengthening of ligaments, and muscular endurance training. Too intense physical activity out fast, and the unprepared muscle can be injured.

Place for physical activity

Have you noticed that most runners are concentrated in parks and on forest trails? The natural cover creates the ideal shock absorption and facilitates movement. Even if you stumble or MIS land sole on the surface, the risk of injury is much lower.

To learn to control breathing and feel the limit of your body, spend one day a week Jogging on rough terrain. While overcoming the obstacles of the natural UPS and downs of the muscles learning properly distribute the load and keep the reserve the reserve forces.


To see the results of physical activity, do not have to wear down the body daily exercises. Observation of the athletes showed that the efficacy of 7-day and 4-day runs (per week) differs only by a few percent.

After a challenging workout let your muscles rest for 48 hours and they will fully restore your potential.

An example of proper striping: 3 days — light duty, day off, then 1 day of intense physical exercise, then 2 days off.

The results of physical activity

Even correct physical exercise does not guarantee fast and visible results. Prepare yourself for the fact that adaptation and restructuring of the body will take at least six months, so pre-configure themselves to overcome difficulties.

Morning muscle pain, the desire to quit training, self-pity, a stage that will have to overcome a few times before you will feel that strength fill you again.

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