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Rules home fitness equipment, program and set of exercises

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Rules home fitness equipment, program and set of exercises
The contents

  • Features lessons at home
  • Equipment for home fitness
  • The programme of exercises
  • Rules home fitness
  • Effective weight loss at home

Most people is unable to regularly attend the gym: for example, does not allow schedule work or study. However, it is not necessary to spend money on a subscription and on the road to the promised equipment. Exercising at home is available to all without exception. Even the lack of special equipment — no reason to deny myself the gym. Home workouts are also able to activate weight loss, strengthen the body and improve athletic performance.

The basic rule of home fitness the exclusion of possible negative consequences. If a person has chronic diseases or diseases of the joints, ligaments, cardiovascular system, should consult with a specialist. Even for home lessons you want to proceed with caution, gradually increasing your physical activity.

Features lessons at home

To perform the exercises at home sometimes harder than in the gym. All because the training is not controlled by the coach, no one monitors the correct techniques and the right amount of repetitions. Therefore, great value in home session is assigned to the discipline. Motivation is the main component of any athlete’s success regardless of the goals: be it weight loss, strengthening of the spine or the study of the topography of the body.

Beginner athletes should initially avoid undue stress. Exercise should be moderately intense to the muscles are not overloaded. After a series of fitness workouts you can gradually increase the load and buy shells for a more productive household activities.

Equipment for home fitness

Power exercises require the use of sports equipment. Home fitness workouts don’t necessarily have huge heavy machines, but the dumbbells — their inherent attribute. These paired shells help to obtain a beautiful body and help to activate the process of weight loss.

To purchase dumbbells at any sporting goods store. Because the shells vary in weight, it makes no sense to buy the lightest and the heaviest dumbbells. Perfect versatile options with a weight of 3-5 kg, or bead models.

If a person has a desire to start to do fitness at a more advanced level or to develop powerful muscles, it makes sense to purchase a home stand with a barbell and discs. As a rule, stand for home has a compact size, so place it at home is not difficult. For those who do not have time to visit gyms, this may be a real salvation. Exercises that are classified as productive work even the smallest muscles and actively increasing their muscle mass.

The programme of exercises

To make a program of exercises for home is that if you are already familiar with the correct technique of execution of movements. The training must login as strength training and cardio. The distribution of physical activity should be based on what result you expect to achieve active weight loss or muscle development.

The basic home class for beginners can be based on the following principle:

  • Monday.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the dorsal division and abdominals (pull the dumbbells in an inclined position, standard pushups, pullups on the bar, dumbbell bench press or neck).

  • Environment.

Fitness classes in the development of muscles, the shoulder girdle and chest (different exercises for biceps and triceps with paired shells, twisting the classic side plank, raising the dumbbells).

  • Friday.

Training for study of gastrocnemius and gluteal muscles (some burpees, lunges, squats, jumping rope).

Classes three times a week is the most optimal mode of training, especially for beginners. Daily fitness activities can cause fatigue, the effect of training stagnation, excessive muscle tension and health problems. With the improvement of athletic performance, fitness training can be increased to 4 times a week.

Rules home fitness

To home exercises was not harmed, it is necessary to observe a number of General recommendations.

  • Always start the training with warming-up of the complex, and ends with exercises for stretching ligaments and muscles.
  • Do not try in the first classes to take the maximum weight or perform an element with a large load. This approach can lead to serious injury or cause discomfort. Start with small weights, gradually increase the intensity and amplitude.
  • Weight loss is not a quick process. If your main goal is to lose excess weight, don’t ismatavimai yourself to achieve instant results. For quality weight loss the most important regularity of your training, correct execution of movements and proper nutrition, not large fiznagruzki.
  • Before you can perform the movement on the weights, learn the correct technique for each element. This will allow you to avoid injury when lifting a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells.
  • Do not exercise for 1.5 hours before or after a meal. This can cause deterioration of health and heaviness in the stomach.
  • In the process of the executions of the exercises you should drink enough water. Liquid restores the water-salt balance helps to maintain a healthy perspiration and avoid dehydration.
  • Effective weight loss at home

    To lose weight at home went really efficiently, you need to make a separate training complex. In the list of home exercises for weight loss traditionally includes cardio activity:

    • jumping rope;
    • jumping some burpees;
    • Jogging in the fresh air;
    • breathing exercise “vacuum”;
    • strap;
    • twist the hula-Hoop (Hoop);
    • interval run.

    However, home weight loss not limited to exercise. Effective fat loss is achieved only in combination of dynamic fitness and proper nutrition. It is very important to change your habits, to refuse food debris and to balance the daily diet.

    Regular fitness training at home is the best option for busy people. Systematic exercise will allow you to gain trim figure, lose those extra pounds and build muscle.

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