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Rules for losing weight for men

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Statistics indicate that a man’s level of confidence and happiness is directly related to his health and attitude to sports. In addition, often well-built males enjoy special attention among women, earn more, and their life expectancy is much higher. Thus, the topic of weight loss for men is far from the last place. Consider in the article the reasons for weight gain and the rules for dealing with extra pounds.

Why is a man getting better

There is a stereotype that watching your figure is an exclusively female affair, but practice shows that representatives of the “stronger” sex are equally important in their appearance. In addition, overweight can cause not only discomfort of an aesthetic nature, but also cause health problems.

The main reasons for weight gain in men:

Sedentary lifestyle. The fact is that the need to play sports is inherent in men at the genetic level. Without heavy loads, the weight will increase rapidly, internal fat will increase.
Violation of sleep patterns. The norm for a healthy adult is 7-8 hours a day. In a situation where a violation of the regime occurs, the body has a need for glucose, which in turn stimulates appetite.
Improper food intake. How often do we have dinner while watching our favorite TV show, dine at the workplace, doing urgent work, snacking on processed foods high in calories. All this is also the reason for gaining excess weight.
Bad habits. Alcohol, tobacco, sodas, coffee – all this has nothing to do with a healthy slim body.
Medical problems. It happens that we lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, and the arrow on the scales is growing rapidly. The cause may be hormonal failure. The solution to this problem must be entrusted to the doctor.

Rules for losing weight for men

What to do to lose weight

A weight loss plan should be properly designed, so it’s good if a nutritionist and fitness trainer helps you with this. Given the characteristics of your body, they will be able to find the optimal solution that does not harm health.

Among other things, there are a few simple rules that will help with male weight loss:

Follow the food regimen. Losing weight does not mean starving. It is best to adhere to a fractional diet – distribute a meal 5 times a day. Servings should not be large.
In order to drive fat, use cardio and strength training. An excellent option would be jogging, cycling, football, exercises with weight for the abs, chest, arms, legs.
Get enough sleep, spend a lot of time in the fresh air, give up bad habits.

Lose weight at home

Although the success of a beautiful figure is 70% dependent on the proper regimen and nutrition, physical activity is also important. Often we do not have enough time to systematically attend the gym. Therefore, whole weight loss programs have been developed for men at home:

Start with cardio training.
Then do a warm up.
Then stand in the classic bar, continue your workout by doing push-ups and squats.
Add lunges.
Work out with weight. If there are no dumbbells and barbells at home, you can use water bottles.
We complete the workout with cardio exercises.

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