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Rules for effective women’s fitness workout

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Rules for effective women’s fitness workout
The contents

  • Why do fitness
  • Myths about female fitness
  • Features workout for weight loss
  • How to do fitness after childbirth

I believe that intensive fitness makes a woman masculine? That you can lose weight in the waist without losing volume in other places? And also that a beautiful body can be achieved through diet but without exercise? Let us have a look whether these statements are true.

Why do fitness

Sports have many positive sides. They increase the quality of life, make the figure slender, elevate mood, give strength. Fitness you can become younger and more attractive visually, feel the vigor and taste for life.

Many girls spend a lot of money in beauty salons and medical centers to remove cellulite and excess volumes formed after birth. While it is clear that through sports you can do much better.

Start to train and you will see that most of the negative opinions about female fitness appear incompetent knowledge in the field of physiology and physical culture. Understand the basic principles of weight loss and the correct set of desired muscle mass will help you to quickly reach your goal — toned figure, smooth skin and slender waist.

Myths about female fitness

If you collect all the myths that are born of training in the gym, they can be divided into four broad categories.

  • Sport makes a woman masculine.

Some truth in this, but it concerns only one type of lessons: intensive weight training with large weights. If you open the training program bodybuilders (which you don’t want to be like girls), we can see a large number of exercises with the deadlift thrust. While weightlifters eat 6-7 times a day high-calorie foods, and eat protein drinks: so that the muscles have increased in volume, they need the constant power load and food with a high content of proteins.

Another reason that women’s fitness will not make your figure like Schwarzenegger is testosterone. The hormone responsible for increasing muscle size and burning fat. In women it the blood levels 10 times less than in men. To have a masculine figure, you will need to put 10 times more effort than the stronger sex.

  • Sport helps to lose weight in a specific area of the body.

Promising titles that give guarantee to change any particular volume is not more attractive than advertising. You cannot burn fat only in the problem areas, leaving the chest or hips the same. If you’re exercising for weight loss then get ready to lose volume everywhere.

Abdominal exercises, pelvic muscles, arms, or other groups, strengthen and increase muscle tissue. They do not affect fat accumulation around it. Fitness burns fat by borrowing it as energy. But the body splits it evenly throughout the body, not just in a certain area.

Remove the extra inches in the waist, but keep the size of the hips and chest will help a harmonious increase in muscle volume in these areas. Exercise for weight loss in this case should consist of cardio and exercises for those muscle groups that need to “pump up” or tighten.

  • Without sports, too, can lose weight.

Lose weight without fitness you can, especially if you follow a diet with a caloric deficit. But the process will be slow, and sometimes even to stand still. But this is not the main disadvantage of diets. If you are going to lose more than 20% of the weight will result in saggy skin and many stretch marks.

At the same time, exercise for weight loss help maintain the skin tone, helping to avoid unpleasant consequences if you change the weight. If you start to run, swim or ride a bike several times a week, then fat burning will be faster and without compromising appearance.

  • “Lazy” fitness through sports gadgets.

Various muscle stimulation promise in the short term without exhausting diet and exercise to achieve results is not worse than in the gym. The idea is that the gadget sends electrical impulses to certain muscles, from which they then decline, then relax. This simulates the load produced by the muscles during exercise.

Muscle stimulation really cause the muscles to shrink, but without your efforts. So burning calories is not happening. Such a device can be called a dummy, which creates the illusion of a workout, but does not reduce weight and strengthen muscle tissue.

Features workout for weight loss

Women’s fitness based on a specific system with its own rules. Obey them and in a month you will see positive changes:

  • Choose exercises that involve multiple joints (compound exercises). For example, squats with dumbbells, chest press, pull-UPS.
  • Change the training program every 2-3 months.
  • Use interval training: alternating blocks of different number of repeats, alternate fast and slow tempo exercises.
  • Use cardio pre-workout or dedicate to them a separate day.
  • Create a gentle calorie deficit: to lose weight impossible.
  • To maintain strength, eat a pre-workout protein bar, and after a dish consisting of 1/4 carbohydrates, 1/4 protein and 1/2 fat.
  • How to do fitness after childbirth

    During pregnancy many women gain weight. In the first 6-9 months after giving birth alone goes from 4 to 9 kg. the Rest of the excess weight will help to remove proper diet and adequate physical activity.

    It is not necessary to exhaust yourself with excessive exercise and starvation. Body and so suffered severe stress during child birth, therefore he needs help to fully recover. The diet should include all the necessary vitamins and minerals, and at first should be selected for training sparing types of sports. Well, if you exercise before and during pregnancy. This will help to quickly return to the desired shape.

    After delivery you can start to exercise after 4-8 weeks — if no medical contraindications. Start with 20 minute lessons, 2 times a week. Prefer running or walking. Gradually increase mileage. 4-6 month add a set of needed exercise, at will turn in your schedule yoga or Pilates.

    Start to do fitness and you’ll be surprised how positively it will affect all areas of your life.

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