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Rules and regulations for the bench press without doping

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What are the rules and regulations stipulated in the bench press? When the referee may disqualify the athlete? In any federations not carried out doping controls? The answers to these questions, read this article.

The bench press is a basic exercise that is present in the training of any professional athlete and is used in powerlifting competitions. For the organization of fair events, almost all existing Federation introduced a mandatory drug test. However, there are organizations that have their own rules and regulations for the bench press without doping.

In any federations missing a doping control

In the list of federations organizing international competitions in powerlifting, only WPO/WPC takes the athletes a test to check the use of illicit substances. Also comfortable conditions for the competing athletes provide the IPA and WPA, which provides the Department with doping tests without it. In AWPC has control of consumption of stimulant drugs, however, the check is more flexible than in other federations. This organization is the Amateur League, WPC because of the requirements for the participants. Sample doping is taken only 10% of competing.


The referee counted the result, it is not enough to perform a bench press without doping control with impeccable technique. The competition provides a set of rules, not observing that young athletes face the risk of disqualification. If the athlete is able to shake the specified weight, will not follow the established rules, it can obtain the fail.

When performing bench-press to consider:

  • the judge was at the head of the bench and had a good angle;
  • attended by not less than two and no more than four insuring partners;
  • buttocks do not lift off the surface of jimboy bench for performing all exercises;
  • hands were still in the unbent state, insuring if a partner helps to make the rod in the initial position;
  • the height of the bench allowed to rest feet on the floor;
  • insuring the partner has not closed the review to the chief judge;
  • grip width did not exceed 81 cm, and hand made special marks on the neck;
  • all actions are executed according to the command of the chief judge;
  • during lowering the barbell has touched the chest, but not pushing her;
  • weight squeezed with fully extended arms.

Insuring partners should be on the sides, so the judge could observe the procedure of the bench press bar.

If the athlete does not perform actions at his command, the result will not be counted.

Common mistakes

Even if the athlete is able to meet the standards in the bench press among men, he may be disqualified if:

  • doing exercises too quickly and does not take into account the command of the chief judge;
  • violates the correct body position during a bench press bar (away from the bench pelvis, moving her legs, moves hands);
  • otprygivat the neck from the breast for easier push;
  • lowers the bar too low, shifting the weight to the chest and the muscles to relax;
  • right hand unevenly.

Also, the athlete may face a suspension and someone else’s fault. For example, if the partners intentionally or accidentally touched the rod during the press and also refused to leave the competition venue at the request of the judge, the athlete will not be counted.


To achieve the athlete was recorded, it not only needs to meet standards on the bench in powerlifting, but also to adhere to proper technique. For this, consider the following features:

  • the angle of the bench varies from 0 to 30 degrees;
  • rod installed on construction sites or withheld by the constraints;
  • the fingerboard is at eye level;
  • legs widely spread and feet resting on the floor;
  • the back is a bit curved on the horizontal bar and tightly appressed to inclined;
  • Grif obkladyvaetsja wide or narrow grip and falls at chest level;
  • after the exercise the barbell is placed on the construction site.

During a workout, be sure there is at least one of the insuring partner. In its absence, the possibility of use of technology-crash exercise. In this case, pancakes are not fixed and in the event of unforeseen situations may come off from the stem at an angle. But the described method runs the risk of sprains.

The bench-press can be done with equipment or without. It is not prohibited WPC and helps to perform the exercise much easier. Allowed the use of single layer and multilayer equipment. Standards for the bench press among women and men suggest the division into different divisions.

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