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Rubber loops for training: fitness program for home

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Rubber loops for training: fitness program for home

The contents

  • Application features rubber fitness loops
  • Fitness exercise for the lower body
  • Programme of fitness classes for the study of the arms and shoulders
  • How to strengthen your back, chest and body HLS fan

Modern fitness is not only cardcredituk and classes at the gym, but exercises with a variety of shells. Popular novelty in the sports industry are loops of elastic rubber, which was originally developed for rehabilitation programs after injuries. Now this simulator is used and experienced, and novice fans of a healthy lifestyle, and you can buy it in any specialty store.

Application features rubber fitness loops

If you are going to use the elastic loop in the course of fitness classes, it is very important to choose the right sports equipment. Note that the tension degree needs to match the level of your training. Manufacturers of sporting goods produce products for children, athletes and ordinary fans of the power of fitness, so the selection of the optimal models will not have problems.

When buying hinges, notice its design. Making a choice guided by the aim of the training: medical straps help to recover from injury, while cylindrical loop deeply work the desired muscle groups.

A key advantage of rubber loops is their versatility. Belts can be used at home and in the gym, and to store the sports equipment you need very little space. The optimal scheme of doing fitness exercises with loops is 2-3 sets of 8-25 reps (depending on fitness level).

Fitness exercise for the lower body

If you use the gym to strengthen legs and buttocks, make sure to do squats with elastic loops. To put your foot on the tape at a distance slightly wider than shoulders. Grasp the ends of the shell, raise the limbs and cross on the chest. This will help to lock the position. Shifting weight on your heels, squat in the classical scheme. All you need to do 8-12 reps.

To get buttocks of steel and more relief, do the bridge, wound with elastic loop around the hips a few inches above the knees. Lie face up, keep your foot to the floor and lift the pelvis so that the torso and hip together in one line. Repeat 14-19 times.

To improve flexibility you can use the exercise called “closed shell”. Wrap the straps around the legs and accept the position for gluteal bridge. Widely spread knees and hold this position for a few moments. Return to starting position and repeat 9-11 times.

Relax the muscles of the lower body will help stop the flexing. To stretch the muscles of the ankle and get some rest, fasten one end of the shell by means of furniture and the second wrap around the foot. Sit on the floor and pull the toe of the working leg towards yourself until you feel as tense muscles. Stop if you feel any pain. Do 10-12 repetitions for each limb.

Programme of fitness classes for the study of the arms and shoulders

Fitness elastic loops ideal for strengthening the upper body. To work the shoulders will help side rises, which are an isolated exercise. To perform them with your feet on the belt. Grasp the ribbon, expand the palm of your hand to the side of the case. Flexing his hands, spread them apart and raise up to the level of the neck. Return to original position smoothly, without jerks. Make 8-10 repetitions.

In the programme of fitness classes for the hands should include a concentrated bending. The starting position resembles a starting position for lunge: right leg forward, body tilted in the same direction. Putting a stop to the middle of the belt, take the end of the tape in your right hand and elbow abut in the knee. Bend the arm, pulling the loop to the shoulder, and slowly unbend back. Perform 8-10 repetitions for each limb.

Another useful exercise for the biceps — the classic bending of the arms. To execute it you have to stand on the loop, and the ends of the strap to hold. Bending the arms, raise the brush to the shoulder and slowly return to its original position. You need to do 12-15 repetitions.

Triceps — problem area, to work out which fitness bench is suitable over your head. The exercise is performed in the sitting position to the elastic strap. Take one end of a rubber tape in hand and pull upward until fully right. All you need to do 10-12 reps.

How to strengthen your back, chest and body HLS fan

Fitness exercise for the body can also be performed with elastic loops. Especially useful to you thrust in the slope, during which work actively the muscles of the back. Take the familiar starting position: feet shoulder width apart, feet positioned on the rubber strap. Slightly bend your legs, buttocks laid back. Grasp the ends of the loops, pull them to your hips. At the top of the blade should be kept, back tense. Repeat 10-12 times.

It is desirable that fitness training included push-UPS, which helps to work the muscles of the chest. To make them more efficient will help stretch the tape need to wind around the blades. Holding the end of the strap in each hand, lie on the floor and exercise in the normal way. At the top your arms should be fully extended. It is recommended to do push-UPS no less than 5-20 times, the exact number of repetitions depends on your ability.

If you want to work the muscles in the body as a whole, do an exercise called “lumberjack”. For its implementation need to fix one end of the rubber strap just above his head. Turn him right side and grasp the free end of the loop with one hand. Pull the ribbon through to the knees, turning the body in the right direction. After 8-10 times, change sides and repeat.

Another useful exercise is to the body — reverse twisting. For it is also necessary to secure the end of the elastic strap, but not so high as for “lumberjack”. Lie face up, feet on the floor. Attaching the free end of the loop to the socks, pull strap and pull your knees to your chest. While driving need to work the abdominal muscles. Repeat 12-15 times.

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