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Ronnie Rockel was in the hospital for surgery

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A well-known professional bodybuilder, 46-year-old Ronnie Rockel (Ronny Rockel) for the first time in his career was in hospital for an operation. The Rock (nickname athlete) stumbled in the stairwell and said via Instagram that his knee didn’t look good:

If nothing happens during the sport for several years … then you stumble on the stairs

So quipped the German athlete before surgery. Based on further imagery in the account Rocela, everything went well and he left with a splint on the leg home:

All done! Maestro (Dr. Mathias rich) very happy with the result! “It’s all right,’ he says! Now the main thing – rest. I’m still not quite healthy..

Ronnie acts in two professional federations IFBB Pro and NAC/PCA, and two weeks ago, Rachel was in competitive stage of the PCA world championship in Birmingham, England, and took second place in their top form.

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