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Ronnie Coleman returns 53 cm to his hands

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Ronnie coleman

Ronnie Coleman underwent several operations on the spine, and he obviously can not train as he did when he was at the top, but this does not prevent him from having big ambitions. The legendary “King” recently posted on Instagram a video of how he performs flexion with the EZ and the arms of a big athlete look pretty impressive, given how much he has been devoted to classes since his return to the gym earlier this year.

"Still working to get those 21.126474 (inches) back into my biceps, but I wanted you all to know that the BLACK FRIDAY SALES is ALIVE !! Yes buddy, come on GOOOOOO !!!"

As you know, Coleman has his own line of sports nutrition Ronnie Coleman Signature Series ™ and he actively advertises it around the world, for example, as in the photo above in Ecuador.

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Still working on getting those 12/21/6474 in biceps back but I wanted to let you all know the RCSS BLACK FRIDAY SALES ARE LIVE !! Yeah Buddy, Lets GOOOOO !!! 📲 Link in bio #RCSS #TeamRCSS #BlackFriday #RonnieColeman

Publication by Ronnie Coleman (@ ronniecoleman8)

Nov 23, 2019 at 6:02 am PST


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