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Ronnie Coleman. Dumbbell Bench Press in Metroflex Gym

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Ronnie Coleman

Nothing can ever stop eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman from decorating the gym with his presence, even after several back surgery. About this his new video of progress in training with a dumbbell bench press of 70 pounds in each hand. Many people might think that this is not so much in weight, but Ronnie is no longer trying to prepare for the competition, he is simply happy to train for himself again. Although at 55, he still looks decent and continues to show himself to be a true champion. Earlier this year, his fans found out that Coleman trains 5 days a week after his last operation. Now he seems like a happy version of himself. Ronnie is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time and perseverance was at the center of his recovery and progress, despite everything he went through.

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Just another Saturday night at The Original Metroflex Gym. Yes I’m training alone and in the gym by myself because it’s closed. That does not stop a well determined guy like me though. As I was saying the book is finally out and available at or you can email me for a personalized at [email protected] I’ll sign whatever you want me to sign, however many words, just please don’t get carried away

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