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Romanian deadlift for girls: benefits and technique

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In the twenty-first century standard of female figures considered to be slender and toned body. For this girl adhere to balanced and proper nutrition and sports. Gaining popularity of women’s training in the gym. The most attention to pay it is the muscles of the legs and buttocks. In this article we will talk about one of the most effective exercises is the Romanian deadlift.


Flabby buttocks is a common problem among women of all ages. For the sake of developing the group of muscles they begin with iron, because this sport is most effective for this purpose. This files most often experienced fitness instructors recommend performing squats, lunges and Romanian deadlifts. However, this set of exercises last stands that is not basic (aimed at the elaboration of several groups of muscles), and insulating.

Romanian deadlift with dumbbells for girls is made with the aim of improving the quality of the muscles in the back of the thigh.

If performed correctly, this exercise can increase muscle mass of the buttocks and to remove their flabbiness. Some ladies face the problem of asymmetry in this area that can fix this kind of traction.

Proper technique

The described exercise is good for both beginners and advanced athletes. The correct implementation starts with choosing the weight of dumbbells for beginners is a 2 – 4 kilograms, and for the more experienced – from 5 kgs. Then the inventory need to take hands and to keep in the hips. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Also, the original position includes a busy press and straight back.

From the above-described position of the body must begin to bend the body. Back must be straight. Abduction of the pelvis back to help you bend the hips, hands with dumbbells at this time should be lowered at the front of the thigh. The lower point is below the knee, the back should be parallel to the floor. Back extension you need to perform, feeling the hamstrings and shifting the weight on your heels.

Speaking about the technique of exercise, it is worth noting the most common mistakes. One of them is its rapid execution, during which often, deteriorates the accuracy. Also worth noting is the rounded back, which leads to injury in the spine, especially when working with large weights. Look when you perform any kind of traction should be directed forward, in any case not down. When working with large weights it’s better to use a special corset, because it reduces the chance of injury.


Romanian deadlift using dumbbells is a light – weight version of the exercise, which was initially performed with a barbell. For greater productivity it is recommended to strain the buttocks in the initial position. It is also worth considering that this form of traction can be done on completely flat feet, but it is not recommended to take large weight.

It is important to remember that when performing any physical exercise you need to follow the health. If you have pain in the back during the pull or after it is recommended to pay attention to the study of muscle okolomatocnah corset. To do this, try this exercise as hyperextension (no weight), and thoroughly stretch after exercise.

If you feel pain in the knees, you can try to wrap them with an elastic bandage and use a warming ointment. In the presence of flat feet exercises are allowed only in special and comfortable shoes.

If you experience dizziness, you should pay attention to your diet, as girls to lose weight very often too underestimate their daily calorie consumption. If food you have everything in order, it is best to consult the doctor.

To summarize, it should be said that Romanian deadlifts are very effective, and is a common exercise among bodybuilders and people wanting to bring their body in shape. If you are a beginner in working with iron, it is better to start with dumbbells, not a barbell. Also worth noting is that Romanian deadlifts can be performed at home and in the gym.

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