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Roman Yushchenko on Romania Pro 2019: champions don't give up!

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Roman iushchenko

The Ukrainian debutant in the IFBB Professional League, Roman Iushchenko, at the Romanian Romania Pro 2019 tournament, the judges placed only in 16th place. As the athlete himself wrote on his page on Instagram:

So my debut in IFBB Pro took place, and immediately at such a MEGA tournament as @romania_muscle_fest_pro, in which several people with TOP-10 m.Olympia took part at once, which I am very happy about. In principle, the form turned out to be not bad (of course, it could have been better), but the underweight of 15 kg for my category played a key role, I was noticeably inferior to the rivals who weigh 90-95 kg in total dimensions compared to my 80 kg.
I will analyze everything later, when emotions recede into the background.
One thing I can say for sure is that it’s unlikely that any defeats or failures can stop me, because bodybuilding is not a sport, it is a lifestyle that sits deep in my mind.
I lost the World and European Championships speaking in amateurs, and I always experienced these defeats very hard, but in the end I always found the strength to return and take what I came for!
True champions never give up‼ because surrendering they stop being champions
Also, I would like to express my gratitude to ALL who participated and supported me during the preparation. First of all, this my beloved wife @ ritamal4enko, who is always with me and always supports me, these are my friends and sponsors.
@belokua @ @bioline @maslotom
Thank you all very much, friends for your help and support! For me it is very important and valuable!
Hug you all and shake my hand tight

Also, a Kievite gave an interview for the generationiron portal:

ROMAN YUSHCHENKO: Honestly, I am very pleased that I came here. Tim Gardner organized the tournament very well. The stage was not big, the lighting was beautiful, everything was in bright colors, the audience was full of halls, both in open bodybuilding and in the category of 212 pounds. People stood in the aisles, the place was gone. The excitement is frantic. In my opinion, the reason for this was that the organizers were not greedy and invited stars such as Brandon Kari with revealing, made Sean Ray the lead. The same Juan Morel, Lucas Sweetened, Cedric Macmillan – of course, for the audience it is a kind of magnet.

In my category there were 5 people from this year's Olympia. Crazy level of participants! 20 athletes per category. There aren’t any obvious remarks, the only minus is that the backstage room was small, literally on each other’s heads. If you remember, at amateur Olympia in Spain, there was a huge hangar, then it’s crowded. And the rest – in general there are no complaints, the regulations were observed perfectly.

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Publication by Roman Iushchenko (@slayer_of_giants_ifbb_pro)

Nov 3, 2019 at 9:12 PST

2019 Romania Pro Scorecards

11/07/2019 210 0


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