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Roman Yushchenko: bodybuilding is like going to brush your teeth

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IFBB World Champion, IFBB Professional League athlete Roman Iushchenko is actively preparing for the competitive season, conducting specialized training with different accents. One of the most titled bodybuilders from Ukraine prefers the equipment and technique of the iron old school, but discusses with his subscribers the issues of modern development of bodybuilding, as well as motivation:

Who or what motivates me to return to the gym every time to do another hard workout? The answer is simple: nobody and nothing‼ I've been doing sports for 20 years, and for me to train, it's like going out and brushing your teeth. It is much more difficult for me to restrain myself so as not to go to the gym than vice versa. Bodybuilding in my life is not a job, hobby or hobby … it's a way of life. It has always been, is and, God willing, will be! It is not yet known where and when Yushchenko will be able to demonstrate his quarantined form, but every iron sports fan is sure that Roman will present a worthy rivalry with his best proportions on any stage.

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Don't you think, friends, that the bodybuilding that we are seeing now is moving further and further from the original idea of ​​💡 the emergence of this sport? 🤔 The essence of bodybuilding is to build an ideal body by an athlete. Is it possible to call the ideal physique of the athletes that we see on stage Mr. Olympia now? If yes, then why then the absolute majority of people disagree with this? In the days of the same Arnold, four out of five would like to look like him. And who, in our time, wants to look like Kai Green, Big Rami and Rulli Winklaar ??? perhaps two out of ten (at best) … #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fitness #sport #olympia #mrolympia #freak #estetica

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