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Roman Gavryshchuk beat Ronnie Rokel and Peter Molnar at Columbu Championship 2018

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31-year-old Ukrainian bodybuilder Roman Gavryshchuk (Roman Gavryshchuk) became the winner of the recent professional tournament WBPF Championship 2018 Columbu in Sardinia. Against our athlete in the group was a famous German athlete, who retired from the Federation IFBB Pro, Ronnie Rockel (Ronny Rockel) and multiple medalist Peter Molnar (Peter Molnar) from Hungary. But the day posing on the Italian scene Ukrainian was the best referee of the championship and distributed prizes to the following:

Top 3 Columbu Championship 2018:

1. Roman Gavryshchuk (109, Ukraine)
2. Ronny Rockel (370, Deutschland)
3. Peter Molnar (330, Ungarn)

Congratulations Roman Gavrishko with first place and we wish the same beautiful performances in the future!

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