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Rolly Winklaar won EVLS Prague and hurt his leg

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Large-scale tournament on bodybuilding and fitness in Europe – EVLS Prague Showdown 2018 was held on the last weekend of September in Prague. On the Czech scene competed for titles and cash prizes from a Fund of $120,000 from the representatives of the four professional categories at the version of Federation of the IFBB Professional League. In an open group of bodybuilding the main fight was between the first people’s Mr. Olympia Rollie Vinklarek (Roelly Winklaar) and British Deasha Nathan (Nathan De Asha). In the end, the judges IFBB has had fourteen participants in the following order:

  • Roelly Winklaar, $40,000
  • Nathan De Asha, $20,000
  • Lukas Osladil, $10,000
  • Pavel Beran, $5,000
  • Samson Dauda, $2,500
  • James Hollingshead, $1,500
  • Slavoj Bednář, $1000
  • Igor Illés, $1000
  • Marek Olejniczak, $1000
  • Krystian Wolski, $1000
  • Michael Kefalianos
  • Kevin Gebhardt
  • Dainius Barzinskas
  • Victor Rea
  • For the champion group Rollie Winklaar the victory was not the easiest way, during the semifinals, the athlete has a fractured toe, but was able to autozeroing the final rounds and take first place. In the 212 lb division winner was Spaniard Angel Calderón Frias, in the group of Men’s Physique was won by the Czech athlete Ondřej Kmošťák, and the best bikinithe on EVLS Prague Pro 2018 was Priscila Leimbacher from Switzerland.


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