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Rolly Winklaar call unexpected cause of losing the Arnold classic USA 2019

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Fifth place Rollie Winklaar (Roelly Winklaar) at the festival Arnold classic USA 2019 was not a surprise for most fans of the sport. After the guest posing in Nepal two weeks before the competition Columbus, many predicted that the athlete simply does not have time podestas shown they then form in such a short time. Indeed, Rollie looked filled among the twelve participants in the open category. But today in Winklaar Instagram apologized to its subscribers and described the reasons for such low results in Ohio:

Now, when all is said and shown, I feel obligated to explain to their fans the events to the Arnold. I understand that my posing was not the best, but before the show I’m not making excuses, especially when I’m already committed to compete at the Arnold. I’m doing the best job possible. I do it for the fans, because I don’t want to fail them. In the beginning of the year I had a minor procedure on his knees that meant I took a break from training legs and when I started again to train legs, I could only do it 85%. The biggest blow, however, was when I went to Nepal for a guest posing. There I ended up being got food poisoning and was sick for two weeks before the Arnold. I have to say thanks to the people of Nepal that they have made every effort to very well to take care of me when I was sick. Sorry to disappoint you, but you know that this time was not typical for Rollie Winklaar, and I can only promise that the next time will be better. Thank you all for your love and support. And CONGRATULATIONS to the TOP 6 2019 .. @brandon__curry very happy for you, man .. unfortunately for me, Brandon Curry turned out to be the center of attention, but it was a deserved victory for him. Winklaar will return, as promised, and many are counting on him.

We wish the people’s Mr Olympia 2018 to show decent form on 16 March at the Arnold Classic Australia 2019.

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