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Rodin's Friend 10th, Anthony Veilent 1st – California Pro 2020 Results

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On September 12, the IFBB California Pro 2020 championship was held, in which only open bodybuilding athletes participated. This is an outstanding West Coast competition with a strong lineup of bodybuilders from around the world. The tournament took place just a week after qualifying for the 2020 New York Pro, which featured several entrants now on the Las Vegas stage. As Olympia approaches, pro bodybuilders will strive to qualify for this biggest event of the year, but only a select few will have the opportunity. Here in Nevada, one qualifier was better than the rest and was nominated for the December 2020 Mr. Olympia. Antoine Vaillant, previously ranked 7th at the 2020 New York Pro, has improved significantly in a week and won California Pro Championships. The second was Max Charles, who took the scandalous fifth place at the New York Pro 2020, about which his coach Milos Sartsev argued a lot. The current silver gave Charles the qualifying points and he became the first in the Olympia Qualified Athletes and Point Standings. Promising bodybuilder Stanimal de Longjo, who moved on the advice of his friend, former Mr. Olympia, Sean Rodin, to the open division, closed the TOP-10. The live broadcast of the IFBB California Pro 2020 tournament, which took place without spectators in the hall, cost $ 30 and differed from the cheaper New York Pro stream ($ 20) by the disgusting broadcast quality (you can see this in the video below this news. Note: …

Official results California Pro Championships 2020, Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results:

1. Antoine Vaillant
2. Maxx Charles
3. An Nguyen
4. Patrick Moore
5. Eddie Bracamontes
6. Mohamed Shaaban
7. Joe Seeman
8. Hassan Mahmoud
9. Dorian Hayood
10. Stan DeLongeaux

More photos from the tournament follow the link.

Antoine vaillant

2020 FIBB California State Pro Official Score Cards
09/14/2020 295 0

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