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Pressure increasing productsIt is extremely difficult in our time to find a person whose blood pressure has not increased or decreased at least once in his life. “I don’t feel well, probably the pressure is jumping,” we hear from the people around us almost every day. Colleagues at work, close relatives, no, no, and even begin to complain about poor health. Pressure problems are common. Moreover, these problems can be two: high or low blood pressure, that is, hypertension or hypotension. What is the difference between these two states, besides the numbers on the tonometer screen? And which one is more dangerous?

Hypotension, that is, low blood pressure, seems to most people a harmless disease. Overcome morning weakness with exercise and coffee, drink strengthening tinctures, put up with mild ailments and be glad that you have fewer chances than others to get sick with the most dangerous ailment – hypertension. About 15 years ago, it was as if there was no hypotonic person at all. Doctors treated hypertensive patients, but did not even listen to complaints of hypotensive patients.

HerringAnd although low blood pressure is not as common as high pressure, it brings much more problems to the human body. One of the dangers of such pressure is fainting, and general loss of strength and fatigue are considered the main symptoms of this ailment. To reduce pressure, traditional medicine has developed many drugs, but there are few funds to raise it. What about those people who, on the contrary, need to improve it? For them, as well as for hypertensive patients, there is a list of permitted and prohibited products. For hypotonic people, knowledge about products that increase blood pressure will be extremely useful, since they will help them avoid the appearance of a hypotonic crisis, while hypertensive patients need to be completely or partially excluded.

salty cheesePeople with low blood pressure need to eat differently. You need to eat during the day often and little by little. And above all, they need to pay attention to their salt intake. Unlike hypertensive patients, people with low blood pressure do not need to limit themselves to eating salty foods. The fact is that sodium, which is part of table or sea food salt, binds water in the body, increases the volume of circulating blood and thereby increases blood pressure, which means that the diet of hypotensive patients should contain foods such as herring, cheese, pickles and tomatoes. True, in very limited quantities. It is allowed to include canned food, smoked dishes, spicy and salty foods, fish and fatty meats in the diet. Sometimes even a small piece of bacon increases blood pressure and makes a person active.

spicy pilafThe menu of hypotensive patients must certainly include products that increase blood pressure, these are spicy and spicy dishes. All spices stimulate the activity of the endocrine glands, activate the body, slightly constrict blood vessels and increase blood pressure. Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, vanillin, cardamom are good for hypotonic patients. Stimulating condiments and spices also include cloves, horseradish root, mustard, black and red peppers, and raw onions. Use them in cooking, add to salads and sauces, brew stimulating tea (ginger, for example).

Delicious, sweet and coffee – this is the set that people with high blood pressure need to be very careful about, but if you don’t give hypotonicity to sweets or coffee, it will go to work just “none.” Coffee, of course, is not very useful and it is probably not worth getting too carried away with it, because it flushes calcium out of the body, which can lead to serious illnesses. So be careful with your coffee, but sometimes in the morning it is simply impossible to refuse it. Just one cup of freshly brewed coffee! You can also make strong tea. Toning drinks based on caffeine, ginseng and other stimulants should always be on your table if your diagnosis is hypotension.

a slice of chocolateOften in the morning with coffee or tea I really want chocolate. And for good reason – everything in our body is interconnected, and along with the pressure, the level of sugar in the blood falls. Some drink coffee with cognac to increase the pressure. The effect of this is temporary, literally in half an hour or an hour everything returns to normal. But you can eat honey, healthy sweets (dried fruits, for example), and nuts also increase the pressure. You can make something like granola or muesli – a mixture of nuts, dried fruits and cereals – by frying them in honey. Such a delicacy will replace the usual candy from the store. It has long been known that a morning cup of coffee for a hypotonic person will become even more useful if you add a sandwich with cheese and butter to it, since cheese is ideal for this ailment (it has the optimal ratio of fat and salt). Nuts, cheese and coffee are also called the “three kings”.

green saladRed, orange and green fruits and vegetables – this is what else is advised to include in the diet for hypotensive patients. When you go to the market, listen to your body. He himself will tell you what he needs at the moment. In the summer, eat more fresh vegetables, especially cabbage and green salad, as well as carrots, onions, sorrel, potatoes, garlic, horseradish. Berries and fruits should always be welcome guests on your table: lemon, black currant, pomegranate juice, sea buckthorn. In winter and autumn, use more lemons, drink a decoction of wild rose, sea buckthorn, rowan. Dairy products are also very useful for hypotonic patients: butter, cheese, cottage cheese. Foods high in starch also increase blood pressure, such as semolina, white flour baked goods and potatoes. The use of some by-products helps to normalize low blood pressure: more often cook the liver, lungs, kidneys, brains. Since hypotension is quite often accompanied by anemia (low hemoglobin level), it is necessary to eat iron-containing foods – walnuts, pomegranate, liver, buckwheat and spinach.

sandwich with cheese and butterHowever, there are times when the pressure drops unexpectedly. What measures should be taken then? If you’re feeling unwell, you can eat a handful of salted peanuts or a white bread sandwich with cheese and butter, which combine fat and salt to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of low blood pressure. If you feel dizzy, eat candy or hot sweet tea. Your blood glucose will go up and you will feel better. Sparkling mineral water can successfully replace a cup of coffee in case of lethargy and apathy.peanut

Of course, frequent and excessive use of most of the listed products can lead to problems with the gastrointestinal system, and a large amount of smoked meats is generally very harmful to the body. However, their low use helps to normalize blood pressure. It is important to remember that you can eat a little of everything, the main thing is not to overdo it in the treatment of one disease, so as not to get another one additionally.

It is worth remembering that any food will only help raise or lower blood pressure, but will not cure the disease itself. Compliance with the diet in one case or another is undoubtedly important and will help improve well-being, but only a doctor can prescribe the treatment of the disease after an examination and an accurate diagnosis. The specialist will also help you choose a diet taking into account the individual characteristics of each person’s body.

loose teaWhat is actually safer – hypotension or hypertension? The answer is simple: it is best to have normal blood pressure. Moreover, in modern conditions it is quite possible with any initial data. But if we digress from the issues of treatment and compare the danger to health and the risk of complications, the answer is that hypotension as a chronic condition is much less dangerous, although it is unpleasant in its manifestations.

pomegranate juiceThey say that a hypertensive person lives a little, but brightly, and a hypotonic person lives boringly, but for a long time. What if they decided to live together? The difference in potentials, the contrast of temperaments … In addition, the atmospheric pressure is constantly changing. It is believed that the lower it is, the worse the hypotension. Conversely, the higher it rises, the worse the hypertension. Taking into account all of the above and following the advice, do not forget that the one who knows how to rejoice, find a source of positive emotions, be it a hobby, communication with a pleasant interlocutor or “our smaller brothers”, of course, is less prone to stress, which means , and changes in blood pressure. It is important to develop in oneself the correct psychological attitudes, not to be nervous constantly about and without, and also to use Dr. Chekhov’s “recipe” more often: “Life is the most unpleasant thing, but making it beautiful is not very difficult … you need: b) rejoice at the consciousness, which could be worse. “

Use this wonderful recipe, select the products that increase your blood pressure, and your body will immediately thank you for your care, you will feel much better, and the world around you will sparkle with different colors. It is possible and necessary to deal with any ailment by studying it properly and armed with knowledge.

Dear hypotensive patients, do not forget also that most often people with “sedentary” work suffer from this disease. So draw your own conclusions! Movement is the best way to combat hypotension.

Eat varied and healthy, and be healthy!

Larisa Shuftaykina

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