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Reverse push-UPS fitness: equipment exercise

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Reverse push-UPS fitness: equipment exercise
The contents

  • Reverse push-UPS fitness
  • Reverse push-UPS — exercise for the triceps
  • Recommendations
  • The technique of reverse push UPS
  • Exercise program for a week
  • How to improve the efficiency of exercise

Performing exercises to develop muscles, many tend to focus on the biceps. However, it is the developed triceps help the hands to look attractive, fit, athletic. Fitness programs-workouts with reverse push-UPS — an effective tool to work out the triceps.

Reverse push-UPS fitness

Despite the simple technique of the exercise, there are three types of reverse push-UPS. Lighter options are widely used in fitness, and a complex are performed in professional bodybuilding.

  • Classical method — hand with a support on hands, legs mounted on (two benches, sturdy chairs).
  • Lightweight version — hands relying on the brush located on the projectile, and feet on the floor.
  • Option for advanced — the exercises use an additional load (shells for weights, lifting one or both legs).

Reverse push-UPS — exercise for the triceps

The main task of the exercise — the development of the triceps. Because normal variation is focused on the dorsal and pectoral muscles, triceps virtually untapped. Also part of the load goes to the deltoid, broadest and rhomboid muscles.

The benefit of the exercise

The correct execution not only develops triceps, but also brings other benefits:

  • generates the correct posture;
  • considering the stabilizing muscles of the spine and the entire body of the trunk;
  • includes the work of the small pectoral muscle and the muscles of the hands;
  • relieves discomfort (in comparison with the usual push-UPS) due to natural starting position with bent elbows;
  • gives stable load that in any execution of physical exercises allows to avoid sprains and syndrome of delayed muscle pain;
  • lowers the risk of injury: the reverse push-UPS torso is securely on four pillars.


Reverse push-UPS as exercise, have different subtleties in progress. Their implementation will significantly increase the effectiveness of the training.

  • The optimum lowering depth is the point at which the shoulders become parallel to floor.
  • Fall must be carefully, steadily, without jerks. Here is the control of every movement.
  • 3. Lifting should be more sharply that the muscles in that moment felt the stress limit.
  • The back should be in vertical position. Most importantly — do not bend, keep straight and all the time to control posture. Head and chin must be straight, head tilt is fraught with camber in the back.
  • During all of the movements required the greatest load to put on the triceps. Do not use the gluteal muscles or the elbow joint — it will only reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Extended legs increase the load on triceps, knees bent the opposite — save it several times.
  • Elbow joints do not grow in different directions. This action will additionally include operation of the widest muscles and lower the load on the triceps.
  • If the fitness of the main purpose — to isolate the triceps, you should do the exercise at the end of training. If necessary to complete the work on muscle, physical exercise on a reverse push-up is recommended to perform at the beginning of the complex.
  • The technique of reverse push UPS

    The progress of the exercise depends on the option chosen — classic or lightweight.

    • Lightweight reverse push-up. Ideal for girls who are actively involved in fitness, beginners in the sport, as well as people suffering from overweight.

    Standing on the floor, put your arms back and press your palms into the bench. Hand position slightly wider than shoulders. Both arms should be straight. Legs can be slightly bent. Straighten the back, buttocks position close to the shell, but do not touch it. On the inhale push the buttocks together with body, simultaneously bend your arms at the elbow joints until until your shoulders are parallel to the floor. During the exercises the hands press down to the housing. On the exhale, extend your arms and return to start position strong push. Complete the desired number of approaches.

    • Classic reverse push-up.

    Two benches must be positioned parallel to each other. One shell is designed to support feet, one for the support arms. The optimum width between the shells should be equal to the length of the legs. To occupy the initial position, as in the previous exercise, but with a slight difference: feet are not on the floor and on the bench. The course of the movements to observe the same as in the Lite version. If there is a need to increase the load, spread the legs apart or lift up one of them.

    Exercise program for a week

    Software systems with physical exercise to brainstorm the triceps quite a lot. Reverse pushups are included in almost every complex. One of the most effective — is a seven-week package that allows you to increase the number of runs up to 100 times.

    With relative stability in the number of approaches (two to five), the number of repetitions should gradually increase with each successive week, from 12-15 repetitions to 90-100. This positive stress of muscle fibers ensures a stable increase of the mass of the triceps.

    How to improve the efficiency of exercise

    When fitness workout with their weight utilized, to reverse push UPS, you can connect additional load. In lightweight options weights can be: leg lift, loaded a backpack on his back, weights on his feet. In the gym often use disks from a rod or a dumbbell. The main rule — do not use weights for the knees. The best place is the hip part of the body.

    The reverse pushup is an important exercise included in your fitness program and weight training. The development of a variety of pushups will help greatly to develop the triceps and to strengthen the muscles of the back.

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