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Rest after the intense fitness: principles and methods of recovery

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Rest after the intense fitness: principles and methods of recovery
The contents

  • Phases of rehabilitation after intense physical exercise
  • How long to take rest for muscle recovery
  • Methods of rehabilitation
  • Proper nutrition is the key to successful muscle recovery

Rest after heavy physical exertion is an essential prerequisite for restoring muscle fibers and improve your performance. Workout at an intense pace are the physiological stress to the body, which is accompanied by injury to muscle tissue, a heavy load on the cardiovascular and Central nervous system. A closer look at how you can quickly and effectively recover after exercise.

Phases of rehabilitation after intense physical exercise

The recovery period following intensive sports is not only the key to muscle growth, but natural necessity that cannot be ignored. According to the theory of sports medicine, complete recovery after physical exertion requires passing through several stages:

  • Quick — the first half hour after sports activities. There is an active production of anabolic hormones (insulin, testosterone, somatropin). In this period comes into balance metabolism, replenished the reserves of creatine phosphate, glycogen, nucleoside triphosphate — energy substrates.
  • Delayed 2-3 days. There is a regeneration of damaged muscle fibers, an intensive synthesis of proteins, enzymes and amino acids, restoration of water and electrolyte balance. Increases the speed of nutrient absorption.
  • Supercompensation — 4-5 days. If post-workout relaxation is organized intelligently, this phase is accompanied by a thickening of the tissue and transition to new level of physical and muscular endurance. In this period it is necessary to conduct a study designed to target a muscle group.
  • Delayed recovery — this phase is characterized by the return of the muscles in potrenirovatsja condition. Occurs if the phase of supercompensation training was conducted.
  • The return of the physical parameters of the organism in its normal state it is necessary to increase endurance to stress and normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as to improve immunity.

    How long to take rest for muscle recovery

    On average, rehabilitation of the muscle tissues required 2-3 days. However, the duration of the recovery period depends on a number of factors. These include:

    • The age of the athlete.

    Persons over the age of 40 will need more time to rest after intensive training.

    • Experience.

    For beginners, the process of rehabilitation may take up to 7 days.

    • Paul.

    After an ordinary workout tissue repair in women is faster than men. At the same time intensive and more resistant to men.

    • Full sources of energy.

    Proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, adherence — it significantly accelerates the recovery period.

    • Emotional background.

    The absence of conflict, stressful situations, harmony in relationships with the environment have a positive effect on the body.

    • Motivation in sport.

    Important condition, which also depends on the speed of recovery after workouts. Will power and steady mind accelerate rehabilitation.

    And experienced athletes, and beginners it is important to remember: artificially speed up muscle recovery is unacceptable. The main task of athletes is to restore the muscle fibers to supercompensation stage and conduct her to the peak of the next lesson.

    Methods of rehabilitation

    Proper recovery after exercise should start immediately after training. A mandatory element of the fitness classes is to hitch or cardio. For the fast phase optimal stretching or Jogging a little (no more than 15 minutes), needed to cool the muscles and relax the body. They promote the removal of lactic acid from muscle cells, causing the excretion of waste products.

    In a period of slow recovery, you must comply with the following conditions:

    • Restful sleep that lasts no less than 8 hours.

    If possible you can visit a physiotherapy room and massages electrosleep with a frequency of 10-20 HZ. This procedure helps to update all levels of the body.

    • The professional massage.

    It will remove the tension and tiredness of muscle tissues, prostimulirujte blood circulation and lymph flow. You can use any types of massage. Sessions be advisable for 2 days until the next fitness classes.

    • Thermal procedures.

    Relax muscles, to release them from their decay products will help to visit bath, sauna or taking a warm bath after a day after training.

    • Water balance.

    Drinking regime during and after training — an essential prerequisite for the rapid replenishment of fluid lost during active sports. Clean water helps maintain metabolism and healthy condition and to deliver to the cells the necessary nutrients.

    • Moderate exercise.

    No need to fully Deplete reserve stocks of the organism and immerse it in the stressful condition from which it will go longer.

    The main goal of these procedures is to give muscles the proper rest, release the fabric from the clamps, lactic acid and decomposition products. Which of these methods of recovery choose — to decide the athlete, listening to your body.

    The following indicators will help the athlete to determine what muscles have enough rest:

    • the lack of sharp pulling muscle pain nature;
    • cheerfulness and a positive attitude after waking up;
    • good appetite.

    Must also have a desire to train — the main sign of full recovery of muscle tissue.

    Proper nutrition is the key to successful muscle recovery

    To recover lost due to physical stress energy will help proper nutrition. The best option is eating in the hour after practice — if we are talking about a quality increase in lean muscle mass. Diet is individual for each athlete, ideally it needs to be picked up by a specialist.

    The basis of the diet — protein foods in combination with fiber or complex carbohydrates. The nutritionists recommend the rapid recovery phase to take pills/BCAA powder (3-5 g) and creatine (4 g). Half an hour after exercise, include in the diet of slow carbs (grains, cereals, pasta durum) proteins, or protein.

    To the products, positively affecting the athlete’s body include:

    • eggs — the protein contained in them, the most valuable;
    • fish of the salmon family — the proteins, omega-3 fatty acids contained in it, speed up the recovery period;
    • beef — rich in iron and zinc, is considered a good alternative to creatine;
    • yogurt combines protein and carbohydrates that are responsible for tissue repair;
    • almond — contains large amounts of alpha-tocopherol;
    • drinking water compliance with drinking balance also thins the blood, reducing the heart load, improve metabolism.

    Approximate post-workout diet looks like the following: 50-70 g of milled powder of oatmeal steamed with boiling water with 30g of protein on the water. Another option is oatmeal, combined with 2-3 protein eggs.

    The period of recovery after intense sporting activities is extremely important for the body. Don’t neglect the rest. If you experience muscle pain and steady feeling tired take a break in the classroom, and give the body enough time to recover.

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