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Feelings of hunger and satiety in our body respond to the hormones ghrelin and leptin. First produced in the gut and awakens the appetite. The second is synthesized in fat cells and sends the brain signals about the achievement of satiety. To eat less but feel full enough to reduce the activity of the “hunger hormone” and increase “satiety hormone”. And to do that will help… protein.

The higher the protein content in your diet, the longer the feeling of satiety after a meal, moreover, a protein food brings into the body a minimum of calories.

How so?

See: it’s not just how many calories “weighs” eaten you meal. The thing is, how many calories the body it will get, and it’s not the same. To digest different types of food, the body spends different amounts of energy, and the longer it takes, the less “solids” — the assimilation of calories. So: for the digestion of proteins 30% of their caloric is expended in the splitting, that is, if you ate (for example) protein bar calories 180 kcal, your body received only 120!

For processing of carbohydrates consumed only 7% of their caloric and fat things are even worse: only 3%.

Accordingly, when equal calories choosing protein foods, you force the digestive system to work harder, but receive all essential nutrients and not feel hungry.

In support of this theory, scientists, nutritionists conducted an experiment which involved three control groups. The proportion of protein in the diet of the first group was 5%, second 15%, third 25%. All three groups made up the diet with high calories. After 2 months revealed that participants in all groups gained weight (unsurprisingly), but! The first and second groups increased the amount of fat mass and significantly distributed volumes, and the representatives of the third group increased the amount of muscle mass and clothing sizes practically did not change.

Of course, this does not mean that we should abandon fats and carbohydrates completely.

Simply calculate how many calories per day should come from proteins. This can be done according to this formula: use a factor of 1.5 — if your lifestyle is sedentary; 1 — if your activity can be called moderate; 0,8 — if you do sports or walk a lot.

Now, multiply your weight in pounds (1 pound = 0.45 kg) to your factor. For example, if you weigh 65 kg and do sports, you get this calculation: (65/0,45)*0,8=115. That is, in your daily diet must be 155 grams of pure protein.

The table of contents of proteins you’ll find on the Internet, for example: chicken — 20 grams protein per 100 grams, beef is 25 grams per 100 grams, buckwheat — 12 g per 100 g and egg — 11 grams of protein in one egg. That is, if you ate for Breakfast, egg, lunch — steak weighing 300 grams with vegetables, dinner chicken with buckwheat — you’ve received the necessary daily norm.

I agree, it’s hard to call this diet the “starvation” or “diet”?

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