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Relief the pectoral muscles in the simulator hammer

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Many men dream about voluminous chest muscles. A positive result will help to achieve is the simulator hammer. Let’s take a closer look at all the features of the device and how it works.

Features of the simulator hammer, suitable for

Simulator Hummer sports equipment lever type, which will help in the short term to do a relief of muscles of the chest. In addition, activated triceps and front Delta. Suitable for men and women.

When working with the simulator used pancakes, lifted by the lever, which we keep in a person’s hand. This hammer is different from other devices. Through the use of leverage it is possible to adjust the trajectory of the load. Chest bench in hammer belongs to the category insulation.

The device is good for beginners. It will be easier to work technique than when using a barbell or dumbbells. Often a hammer is used for preparation before training with free weights. Hammer is used until, until a person master the technique of proper muscle tension and breathing. Further with him training with free weights.

Simulator Hummer complements classes experienced athletes. It is used in conjunction with exercises that use the barbell and dumbbell. Some professionals begin the lesson with the basic moves, while the muscles are still fresh and then finish them in the simulator. This approach helps to fully focus on the work of the chest muscles.

Hammer you can even include in your workout when injuries.

Hummer is much safer than training with free weights, because the load will not fall on the person.

The bench will be in a comfortable position – sitting or lying.

Distinctive features

The main difference between free weights from Hammer – it involves less muscle groups, stabilizers. Training in the device safer, since the shell can not fall off and hurt people due to the restriction of his movements prescribed amplitude. When training with dumbbells or a barbell can be injured.

For the purpose of stabilization it is necessary to use a humeral belt and hands. So used muscle groups-stabilizers. If you compare the bench press barbell or dumbbell in the supine position and execute it in the simulator, it is possible to see this difference:

  • Bench press bar. The necessary stabilization of motion purely along the body.
  • When using dumbbells it is necessary to capture the motion in two planes: up and down.
  • Simulator Hammer. Stabilization is not required.

Main features of hammer from working with free weights:

  • Security.
  • Not be used muscle stabilizers.
  • Execution of a bench in a sitting position.
  • It is possible to pump each side separately.

The “pros” and “cons” of the simulator

Among the advantages of the simulator there are the following:

  • The maximum load on the chest . Work the muscle fibers of stabilizers is minimized.
  • Both sides of the chest swings simultaneously or separately through the handlebars. It is vital if the athlete is present asymmetry.
  • In the Hummer it’s hard to get injured. For complete safety it is necessary to observe the bench and not choose the wrong weight.
  • The simulator can be used for different purposes. First work with their weight, to Supplement the training shells. The second is used in the work with free weights. Applied spec. models of discs or rods.
  • The device is made of high quality steel with chrome finish. Therefore, the simulator is durable.

Disadvantages Of Hammer:

  • Is to configure the device will not work. It’s only possible to change the height of the seat. Due to the fixed inclination of the arms relative to the torso is not always convenient to do bench sitting.
  • Conditional negative – to use maximum weight to the man at the hammer could be handy.

How to perform the exercises without mistake

Before performing the bench press in the simulator hammer, you should configure the seat of the athlete. Start training:

  • Comfortably seated. To snuggle back to the bench. Look directly. The blades are kept near the body. The rib cage is open. Emphasis feet on the floor or stand.
  • Slowly, arm hammer go forward. Do it, exhaling. The elbows are in different parties. Now press them to the crust not to be, not to create stress on the triceps. At the end of the arms are not straightened 100%. It is important to focus on the movement of the elbows to each other. The musculature of the chest is maximally reduced. Need to stay at the end point of one or two seconds.
  • Inhaling, arms go back to the original position. The main thing is not to bend your back – the spine is well pressed to the simulator.

Do 3-4 sets, each of 10-15 repetitions. It is better to do immediately after basic training on the muscles of the chest.

For maximum effect, it is important to avoid errors when you press in Hammer. For that, you should listen to the following recommendations:

  • The shoulders should not go forward. Back is always pressed to the bench, and the blades are reduced.
  • It is important to observe the correct technique, avoiding sudden jerks. After the movement, it is possible to increase the load.
  • Elbows are well spread apart in different directions. Pressed against the bark should not be. This is not training the triceps.
  • In the initial position is the maximum stretching of the muscle fibers of the chest and at the top for full contraction. It is necessary to use mental control, which will make training more effective.

With proper exercise you can avoid injury and build muscle.

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