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Rejuvenating walk: one of the beauty secrets of French women

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Rejuvenating walk: one of the beauty secrets of French women

The contents

  • Walking is an easy and effective way to increase physical activity
  • What is brisk walking and how to walk: beauty is activity
  • Walking is an important condition for anti-aging effect

French women are famous in all the world for their elegance, however, they claim that they are too lazy to go to the gym. One of the secrets of French harmony and beauty is to walk. Women regularly make Hiking around in a quick walk. How to go to rejuvenate and revitalize the body, will tell you MedAboutMe.

If you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, you notice pain in the spine and joints, your joints become less mobile, then you see the signs of aging. No one is safe from the aging process, but it can be slow, and this can be done by walk.


By the age of 70 we lose 30-40% of muscle mass, with 25 years of gradually decreasing heart rate, and blood vessels constrict, increasing blood pressure and impairing the nutrition of tissues, 40-50% reduced activity of the respiratory system. All these are signs of aging that can be reverse.

Walking is an easy and effective way to increase physical activity

It is no secret that Russian women often ignore the advice of doctors and well-known coaches who recommend to include simple regular exercises in the rhythm of life, because physical exercises have many positive influences on health, youth and human beauty.

Currently, even at the state level a great attention is paid to the physical development of the nation: the active construction of swimming pools, sports centres, a growing number of sports clubs and societies that you can visit for free. But despite this, few dare to open the door of his life to physical education.

First, the word physical exercise immediately POPs up the picture with heavy weights and excessive stress, what pushes. Secondly, the body is unaccustomed to the movement has become cumbersome, perhaps, began to disturb pains in the joints. All this together helps to ensure that recommendations remained recommendations.

And here comes the walk, it is so nice to walk on Park or Park in any weather. Walking does not cause unpleasant associations with excessive and possibly excessive loads, rather it is not perceived as physical activity at all, because we are so accustomed to Hiking.

But rejuvenating walk different from a simple leisurely walk. How to walk, you’ll see.


Nordic walking included in the Olympic sports. There are several features of this walk, as it was originally developed for summer training skiers.

Due to their characteristics, Nordic walking 2 times more efficient and trains the muscles and increases up to 40% fat burning.

What is brisk walking and how to walk: beauty is activity

Now the very popular the fast walking with sticks, a little sharper than skiing that is Nordic walking. In order to pass, you’ll need comfortable clothes, shoes and sticks. There are special schools, training walking.

Here are the basics of proper run-walk:

  • time walk should not be less than 45 minutes. American scientists conducted a study of the influence of brisk walking and the length of the telomeres at the ends of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). As is known, the length of telomeres affects the number of divisions of cells and the longer the telomere, the more divisions can make the cage. And the more our body cells young, the younger from the biological point of view our body.

A brisk walk helped to increase the length of telomeres compared with the control group, where nothing has changed in people’s lives, an average of 25% in a month.

  • brisk walking should be regular, that is, for a visible rejuvenating effect you need to do 3 times a week. The first results can be expected after a week, when markedly improved emotional state and increase efficiency.


Nordic walking trains 90% of the muscles, that is, the effectiveness approaches the swimming.

  • when walking it is important to rhythmically raise his hands to chest level. This allows you to include the shoulder girdle and rib cage that contributes to the harmonization of the muscles of the body, restoring physiological statics of the chest, normalization of the heart and lungs, because often these bodies are in stavlennia condition due to the rounding of the back. Normal statics of the chest normalizes lymph circulation of the head that eliminates headaches, neck pain, facial swelling, reduces the severity of wrinkles externally can be seen as improving the appearance. Improvement of brain blood supply improves activity of nerve cells, strengthen memory and protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • when walking it is important not to lift my legs, moving them casually on the ground, knees do not bend. The implementation of such walk helps to restore the statics of the pelvis, and hence to return the internal organs of the pelvis in the correct position, which positively affects the gastrointestinal tract and bladder. Twisting of the body during walking to help restore the statics of gait and to normalize blood circulation in the lower extremities.


Alexander Pushkin for inspiration loved Hiking the length of which was 18 miles.

Walking is an important condition for anti-aging effect

In order to obtain the rejuvenating and revitalizing effect it is important not just to properly walk, and walk some time. So, the walk shall be not less than 45 minutes in one lesson. According to scientists, this duration helps to restore functions of the body, raise immunity, improve mood and nourishment of tissues and organs, and, consequently, affect the beauty of the face and body.

So, going for a walk, remember to bring a timer.

One of the advantages of walking is that it does not need additional training in the form of warm up and stretching. You can proceed to the lesson. Do not immediately gain the maximum rate, remember that the body needs some time to adjust and to join in the work. So start slow and then gradually increase the tempo to the optimum.

Walking in the optimal rate can not be less than 30 minutes and additional 15 minute break in equal parts for joining and smooth exit of the fast pace walk.

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