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Reinventing the wheel: buyer’s guide

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Reinventing the wheel: buyer’s guide

The contents

  • Male or female?
  • Rostovka
  • Sturdy frame
  • Dampers
  • The shifters
  • Brake
  • Rim
  • Classes and classics
  • Mountain — conditional and not very
  • Highway
  • Urban jungle

In big cities, bikes are gradually replacing the car. But in small does may be the only available mode of transport. How to choose a bike that is suitable for you?

Male or female?

It would seem that in our time to talk about the special, feminine, almost indecent. Nevertheless, the ladies of the women’s model might be easier. Soft seat, open frame and a bunch of add-ons from foot pegs to baskets. Unfortunately, finding female sports model will not work. However, nothing prevents you to choose a “male” Bicycle “women’s” colors!


When choosing an adult Bicycle the first major feature — length. Simply put, it is a frame size that is optimal for your height. The fit should be comfortable, and the riding – effortless. Therefore, before you order model learn bike offered by the manufacturer.


Sturdy frame

Frame — the Foundation of any bike. Bikes with a steel frame are usually cheap. But quite heavy and can rust. However, fixing such a frame easier others come to the aid of the usual welding. Frame aluminum alloy lightweight and do not rust, but repairing them is much more difficult. The main drawback of lightweight and durable titanium frames is their price. For a extremely light weight carbon frames will have to pay even more, and, in the case of serious impact, they do not bend and break. Mending is very expensive and very complicated, but often have to buy a new frame.


Good shock absorbers — the key to a comfortable ride. Time passed spring shock absorbers, were replaced by spring-elastomeric. Cheap, practical, but far from ideal. Air (pneumatic) better do their function, but they are expensive and are not durable. Want to ride with comfort — make sure that the shock absorbers are oil-air or oil-spring. In most situations, only enough depreciation of the front wheel. Bike with shock absorbers on both wheels, the so-called suspension, is a specialized tool for daily driving uncomfortable.

The shifters

Purely asphalt urban bike gear shifting is usually not required. The reliability of this construction has armored. For mechanics models with switching speeds necessary to watch (to lubricate, adjust). But you can achieve the best result with minimal effort. Well, the accuracy and reliability of the mechanics of shifting depends on the price of the equipment. More commonly used rear derailleur, it is better not to save.


The brakes don’t save even more. The most popular brake system:

V-brake, they are the same rim brakes. So light, cheap and easy to maintain. But I do not like wet weather, require regular adjustment and are only suitable for light riders (up to 80kg).

Disk mechanical. Rain are not afraid, but more expensive and heavier. In addition, require strong hands. But effective and durable.

Hydraulic disc. The most expensive but the most efficient (slow down even a 120-pound rider on a steep slope). Moreover, the trigger can be pressed with just one finger. Minus the design — the complexity of repair in the field.


The cheapest is single-walled, they’re single. But they are also the most fragile. Their fate — a slow urban trips. Double stronger. They are also not suitable for severe off-road and jumps, but for dynamic city driving and cheerful rides in nature are quite suitable. It was a double rim are the optimal choice. Triple though the most expensive but also the most reliable. The fans jump.

Classes and classics

Classes define where and in what conditions you will be Biking to operate.

Mountain — conditional and not very

A mountain bike or mountain bike, perfect for riding outside the city. To cope with the difficult track, all components have a large margin of safety and is designed to meet challenging road conditions. This bike always visible: his tires are wider and the tread is more developed. Mountain Biking is not afraid of any dirt or sand. Alas, the disadvantages of a mountain bike — the continuation of its merits. It is larger and heavier than the city, and if you don’t plan to ride in difficult conditions, it is worth to spend the extra money? Worth it? Then you have to choose from several types:

Cross-country. Great for holiday villages and forest trails, mountains. Cheap, practical, and you can buy in any bike shop without the hassle. The main thing to remember is that even such a mass product has reasonable bar prices. Any decent teenage cross-country can not be cheaper than 15 000 rubles, and for an adult a reasonable minimum of $ 20,000, and then not too well-fed persons. A decent option — WeltRidge HD 1.0

Hydraulic disc brakes Shimano, anatomical saddle and tyres of the raised passableness. Quality and safe bike for city and country houses.

The suspension. For more complex, but not long travel. Cushioning system the front and rear will make the ride over bumps is more comfortable, for which he will have to pay more effort when riding. It is clear that it will cost a bit more.

Our recommendation is MeridaOne-Twenty 7.400 (2019)

Model — sports attachments — professional. Saddle, tires, cranks — all consistent with the intent and ensures maximum effectiveness.

Downhill. A true mountain bike with a huge margin of safety for downhill slopes. Professional tool extreme.

As an option — ScottVoltage FR 710

Good build, good components, strong frame, long suspension travel for steep descents?

When choosing a mountain bike size wheel. The smaller the diameter (and he may be 26, 27,5 or 29 inches), the more maneuverable your iron horse. But with the increase in diameter increases the driving comfort. The choice is yours!


The light and high-speed bikes — road racing. Alas, the most comfortable, not exactly. As durable, too, because the speed and ease is achieved with maximum ease of design. And semi comfortable fit not for everyone. But for those who above all appreciates speed, these flaws hardly matter.

So — GiantDefyAdvanced 2. Even in the rain you will not fail hydraulic brakes of the bike. Reliable frame and fork are carbon fiber. Sustainable, allowing to develop high speed.

Urban jungle

The main advantages of city bikes — comfort. Should be comfortable and the handlebars and saddle, and a basket for Luggage. Some models can be folded up for easy winter storage or transport. The lack of one — should not expect that your horse will stand long hike or a serious off-road. The margin of safety is designed for operation in city conditions on a flat pavement. Often city bikes do not have wheels depreciation or switching speeds.

One of compromise variants StingerVictoria (speed it’s all the same switch).
Budget bike for getting around the city. The main advantage — a convenient geometry fit. We are also pleased with protection clothing in the chain and the wings.But the design is not foldable, so for frequent transport public transport the unit is no good.

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