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Regular exercise: the benefits and necessity of training

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Regular exercise: the benefits and necessity of training

The contents

  • Factors reducing the amount of physical activity and consequences of inactivity
  • The importance of regular fitness exercises
  • Tips for strengthening exercises

Many people believe the passion for healthy lifestyles, and fitness including, is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, just a useless fad. And they are deeply mistaken. Regular physical activity is a vital necessity, on which depends the normal functioning of all body systems and human health, and its absence provokes a huge number of diseases.

Factors reducing the amount of physical activity and consequences of inactivity

The main factor that led to a significant reduction in the amount of physical activity that a person receives during the day is the development of technical progress. Until the moment when the technical idea stepped forward, one had to travel great distances on foot or Jogging, ride a horse, to fight for survival against powerful enemies and to do all the housework yourself.

Modern people do not experience physical stress, because travel by car, ride elevators and escalators, working at sedentary work. Even the most domestic of motor activity for them to perform the automatic machines. In short, lead a sedentary lifestyle. In most cases people do not even notice, as they develop physical inactivity, the effects of which are:

  • weight;
  • laxity and muscle weakness, as well as a General reduction in physical form;
  • softening of bone tissue;
  • the development of diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • dysfunction of all body systems;
  • fatigue, apathy, depression;
  • immunosuppression;
  • premature aging.

The importance of regular fitness exercises

The benefit of systematic implementation of fitness training cannot be overstated. Among the main reasons to work out regularly in the gym, at home or on the street include the following:

  • improves the function of the cardiovascular system, especially if during exercise dominated by the aerobic exercise, which accelerates the heart rate. When working in such conditions, the pericardium, the myocardium and other cardiac muscles are strengthened, increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, helps to normalize blood pressure, prevent the development of varicose veins, thrombosis and various diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • during exercise the body needs a large amount of oxygen, so the lungs increase its useful volume, revealing the “sticky” alveoli, which have never been used. Due to this, the body is saturated with oxygen, which leads to the acceleration of all processes because this element is the main catalyst. In addition, the blood enriched with oxygen molecules, it nourishes tissues and stimulates the organs;
  • systematic fitness workout strengthen muscle and a significant increase in its volume and mass. They also develop strength and physical capabilities of your body like endurance, speed, agility, coordination and balance. As a result of regular exercise the body becomes more slender, fit, athletic, strong and hardy, and most importantly — healthy;
  • increases the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus. When performing exercises during fitness workouts joints work with larger amplitude than in everyday life. In addition, at high motor activity to secrete more synovial fluid which nourishes the joints and protects them from abrasion and other adverse mechanical effects;
  • exercise due to its high energy consumption are effective means of burning excess calories and, hence, effective way quick and safe weight loss. Integrated blend of sports and nutrition is the only effective formula for combating excessive body weight;
  • physical activity normalize hormonal balance by stimulating the development of specific hormones responsible for good mood, feeling of cheerfulness, joy and happiness. Sport activities improve emotional state, help fight apathy, depression and chronic fatigue, relieve insomnia and eliminate other problems with sleep;
  • fitness workout help to get rid of complexes, increase self-confidence, allow you to realize themselves and to feel a sense of success. Such processes help to develop useful personal qualities and achievements in other spheres of life;
  • regular fitness training and good physical form achieved through them, increases the body’s resistance to viruses and infections, and significantly accelerates regeneration and reduces the recovery period after diseases, surgical interventions, and injuries.

Tips for strengthening exercises

To achieve maximum benefit from physical activity and make exercise extremely safe for health, it is necessary to observe a number of simple but important rules and recommendations:

  • each session, regardless of the degree of its intensity and place, you must start with warm-up. The provision of easy warm-up physical activity prepares the body for more challenging work and reduces the risk of injury. That is why to warm up thoroughly, not neglecting this important stage of the training process;
  • the intensity of physical exercise must constantly increase. This must be done first, in order to avoid habituation of the muscles to provide them exposure. And secondly, with the aim of creating the most favorable conditions for the progression of positive results;
  • after the lesson, we want to spend a few minutes delay for which you want to restore cardiac and respiratory rhythms, as well as stretch the muscles subjected to the most intense physical exertion.

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