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Regular exercise: rules and use

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Regular exercise: rules and use

The contents

  • The benefits of regular physical activity
  • Preparing for home fitness training
  • Recommendations for fitness at home

Regular physical activity is an important part of a fulfilling life, from which depend his health and longevity. The lack of motor activity sooner or later leads to the development of various diseases, muscle atrophy and excess weight. To neutralize the negative impact of physical inactivity on the human body, you must exercise regularly. Conduct fitness classes in the home, and not less effective than in the gym. The main thing — correctly to organise work to engage in was comfortable, and the workout was fun and gave a quick and positive result.

The benefits of regular physical activity

Regular physical activity, the intensity of which adequate initial level of development of muscles, endurance and strength of the body, contribute to such positive changes in the human body:

  • reduces the amount of body fat, reduced total body weight, and the figure becomes slender;
  • muscles come in tone, strengthens and develops, causing the muscles to increase in volume and acquire a beautiful relief;
  • increase endurance and physical strength;
  • develop coordination of movements and sense of balance;
  • the body becomes more flexible and joints — mobile;
  • normal sleep, increased stress resistance;
  • improves health and overall health, increases immunity.

In addition to the above benefits, using a special fitness training, tailored to the individual physiological characteristics of the organism and lifestyle, you can make the figure more proportionate, to prevent the development of many diseases, especially if the person is at risk, and to alleviate their condition if you already have some dysfunction of the organism.

Preparing for home fitness training

Competent organization of fitness includes three important steps:

  • Medical examination and consultation and, if necessary, of a specialist of a narrow focus.

It is necessary to identify contra-indications to occupations of a particular physical exercise. In addition, understanding the health status gives a clear picture of what exercises to avoid when drafting the most effective fitness program. If you ignore this step or poor execution can harm the body and exacerbate existing health problems.

  • The definition of the ultimate goal and intermediate targets fitness workouts.

From the ultimate goal depends largely on not only the quality of the programme content of the classes but actually a fitness trend. For example, if you want to get rid of extra pounds, to achieve this goal will be more effective cardio training that increases the frequency of respiratory and cardiac rhythms and stimulating thus the fat loss process. And if you want to build muscle and make them more visible, the emphasis should be placed on a military exercise with maximum operating weight. There are times when people, often elderly, there’s no need to lose weight or build muscle, and workout they need for rehabilitation after an illness, improve well-being and General improvement. In such situations the most suitable areas are Pilates and yoga.

  • The plan of classes given the state of health and in accordance with the ultimate goal.

Each program, regardless of the nuances associated with health, and what problems it solves, should include three main points: warm-up, part of the training, during which is the basic physical load, and hitch. Warm-up and hitch is as important as the main part, because the first prepares the muscles for exertion, while the second activates them in the process of regeneration. Making the plan of the main part of fitness workout, be sure to create a specific set of exercises to mark the number of repetitions of each training movement in a predetermined number of approaches to Refine performance technique of each element and pick out different variations to enhance or shifting of the load.

Recommendations for fitness at home

To fitness training at home has been the most productive, safe, and most importantly — healthy, beginners should be at training to take into account a number of simple recommendations of more experienced athletes:

  • in the warm-up need to sign a simple exercise with physical activity of light intensity, because its aim is the increase of blood circulation in the body and stimulation of blood flow to muscle tissues and joints. Exercise load of high intensity running during a workout can cause injury and premature waste of strength;
  • in hitch, depending on the nature of the fitness classes can include exercises for stretching of muscle fibers (often after strength training) or light cardio, restoring the pulse and rhythm of breathing;
  • beginners are recommended to start keeping a diary of physical activity in which you must record the initial volume of the body, perform the exercises with number of repetitions and approaches, working weight. Analyzing the recording at a later time, you can clearly see the progress in the classroom, and track organizational errors and eliminate them on time;
  • the intensity of physical activity should match the level of development of the musculature and other body systems. It is better to start small and gradually add complexity to the work than to take on the daunting task and get injured;
  • the attire for sports activities needs to be not only convenient and quality, but also conform to the nature of the exercise. For example, for Jogging you need to wear the special running shoes, swim should be in a sports swimsuit, not bikini at the beach, and the form of stretching should stretch out to repeat the contours of the body.

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