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Regan Grimes at Europa Spain Show 2020

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Many interesting bodybuilders are expected to attend the upcoming Europa Spain Show 2020. One of them is Regan Grimes, who has worked diligently on both mass building and preparing to pose. As one of the most promising athletes in the iron sport, Grimes is under intense pressure from serious competition. In particular, when Big Rami announced his intention to participate in this large-scale competition (about this on ironflex.com.ua). Regan has documented his progress on his YouTube channel and a recent video shows the Canadian working out in intense training. You can see how good his physical shape is at the moment, and his vascularity is already going through the roof. When training legs, it is performed every set to failure and there is no rest period between exercises, only as long as it takes to get to the next simulator. This workout goes like this:
Back Extensions (with 45lb plate) Barbell Stiff Leg Deficit Deadlifts Lying Leg Curls Seated Leg Curls Leg Extensions Barbell Squats Hack Squats
The amount of effort Grimes puts into this video is commendable as he is clearly in more pain as he progresses and his legs can be seen shaking. This type of training is not for the weak, because by the end of it he is lying on the ground. And how Regan Grimes will perform at the IFBB Europa Spain tournament – we will find out in just two weeks.
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