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Recommendations for proper selection of Jogging sneakers for fitness

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Recommendations for proper selection of Jogging sneakers for fitness

The contents

  • How to choose the right shoes for fitness
  • The selection criteria for running shoes
  • Individual characteristics in the selection of footwear for active rest
  • Additional recommendations to fans of a healthy lifestyle

It is generally accepted that the most popular and effective way of improving health and General well-being, losing excess weight and maintaining a good physical shape is fitness. It makes the life of modern man dynamic and joyful, gives you strength and allows to achieve harmony of body and soul, opens new horizons.

In order to make classes fun, comfort, and safe, it is important to choose the right clothes and shoes. The right choice of sneakers — the guarantee of health and protection from injury, especially if your daily program of sports activities included running.

How to choose the right shoes for fitness

One of the most affordable, efficient and useful types of fitness is running. If you only occasionally go out for Jogging, do not experience health problems (especially the legs) or running is just part of the warm up on the treadmill at the gym, don’t have to worry about special shoes. For this type of loads, it is sufficient to acquire conventional high-quality running shoes popular sports brands, as good cushioning track will allow you to forget about fatigue and prevent injuries.

You need to purchase special running shoes, if HLS is your fundamental choice and a lifestyle, where the run was important, namely:

  • you go out daily (gym/outside) on the half-hour (or more) runs;
  • speed runs more than 13 km/h;
  • are overweight, giving a greater load on the foot.

Experts suggest to buy famous brand products in specialized stores. Acquiring the right running footwear will greatly enhance the effectiveness of training, reduce the risk of injury, provide good cushioning, and will relieve the foot from rubbing, relieves strain on the muscles. In addition, exercise will cease to be exhausting, and will be a nice excuse to relax and rest.

The selection criteria for running shoes

Deeply mistaken are those who picks up sports shoes in appearance. It is important to match certain characteristics and were comfortable for practicing all types of fitness.

Good Jogging shoes have some particularities:

  • Depreciation. Is placed in the heel or nose to dissipate the shock accelerations. A sign of high quality shoes is the presence of markers of the location of the cushioning insert and soft sole in the bow. They are made from a special gel, plastic or polyurethane.
  • Laces choose sturdy and not asymmetric and offset to the inside. The most important criterion is the ease of zipping with the possibility of tightening the Shoe on the foot.
  • Footbed. It is best to choose an orthopedic, but most importantly — easy to remove.
  • Top preferred flexible and soft, hard materials used in the heel part. Ventilation is important, so sneakers should be made of breathable materials.
  • Optimal weight — not more than 400 g, and the height of the sole should not exceed 2 cm under the heel.
  • Sole selected solid and resistant to frequent contact with various surfaces.

To do this in the heel and outer side of the bow do insertions of durable rubber. The shape of the sole should match the type of surface on which the carrying run. Distinguish sole:

  • resistant to abrasion (asphalt/paving);
  • with rubber grips that prevents slipping (snow/soil);
  • equipped with spikes for wet weather;
  • lightweight for long runs.
  • It is important when choosing footwear for Jogging and active recreation not to forget about properly selected size. Fitting the right model, pay attention to a secure hold of the heel, the distance between the thumb and the toe. Remember — the above criteria are of primary importance if you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle for you and equally important is comfort.

    Individual characteristics in the selection of footwear for active rest

    Experts identify the factors that help an individual to choose the right running shoes. They suggest supporters of a healthy lifestyle to pay attention to the following characteristics:

    • Sex.

    Model cross country running shoes for women differ significantly from men’s tapered neck pad, and increased the height of the heel and softer cushioning.

    • Pronation, supination, elevation and more.

    Important characteristics influencing the probability of injury. The presence of arch support is necessary for the owners of low rise and excessive pronation. Hypobranchial arch support is not required.

    • Your foot type and size.

    Pad width (narrow/wide) varies in the models from different manufacturers. Stop your choice on models, well fitting to the leg. Trying on sneakers, don’t forget about the distance between the thumb and the toe is 3 mm. Useful advice — it is better to choose shoes on the evening.

    • The level of training, body weight.

    Overweight, a little experience, a race for long distances require increased cushioning. Equally important cross-country technique: when running on the heel choose a higher sole to minimize injury to the knees; running with the prop on the front/middle part of the foot — front shock-absorbing insert and a flat sole.

    • Coverage.

    Different surfaces require appropriate footwear. In the Arsenal of people who want to stay active, must have at least 2 pairs of sneakers. Choose shoes with regard to place of races:

  • on the sidewalk sneakers with smooth soft soles for asphalt;
  • soil and field roads models with hard soles for rough terrain.
  • In bad weather, good tread/studded sole.

    • Season.

    Consider the regional climate characteristics. Summer sneakers made of thin, breathable, but waterproof material. Winter models are made of dense not matter, but the downside is that they are not ventilated.

    Additional recommendations to fans of a healthy lifestyle

    Experts advise to have in the collection not one pair of sports shoes. They argue that to practice different kinds of sports require models with certain features. We offer you a brief overview of sneakers for people who choose various sports.

    • Dance model.

    For dance classes in the fitness club, choose the model with the mandatory separation of the heel and front parts plantar. The nasal area should be flexible. Often, these models are fitted with a small platform and rounded toe. They are distinguished by lightness and maximum adhesion to the foot.

    • Sneakers for cardio and aerobic exercise.

    Their main feature — a thin sole with the separation of the tip and heel. The lack of depreciation, rounded protector, ease the main selection criteria. The top of this kind of shoes made of imitation leather/thick fabric, which is a kind of protection from injury.

    • For strength training.

    To practice fitness power fit running shoes with ribbed soles that allow a reliable fixation of the legs. For stability the width of the heel should exceed the forward part, and the frame heels should be tough and durable.

    • For bike riding.

    Soles of shoes for walking on the bike should have good grip and to be as durable. The main requirement is that all items should not hang out. Therefore, the model for bikes with Velcro that is guaranteed to hold the foot for a long time.

    Remember that in all models it is important to consider the stiffness of the sole and fixation of the foot.

    The choice of running shoes is no easy task. But if you want to be healthy, buy shoes in specialized stores. Don’t be fooled by a beautiful design or color matching sweatsuit. Remember that the main criteria here are the convenience, comfort and safety.

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