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Reasonableness mnohopocetneho training for building mass

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There is such a thing as a “Golden era” of bodybuilding. The time frame is conditional, this period lasted from the 1970s until the late 1980s, representatives of the very “Golden era” was Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill pearl and Frank Zane. Athletes in this time are actively used mnogoobraznye training and recognized their effectiveness.

The basic principles of the system

For several generations of athletes used to masonboro training with maximum weights and small number of repetitions. This chart was considered the classic and most effective. However, there is an alternative program for the recruitment of muscle mass – mnogopoliarnym training. This system is not new. Novopavlovka is a workout that uses little weight, less worker, and the exercise is repeated more than twenty times. Rest between sets should not be more than one minute.

This system is used to build the relief of the body and to increase muscle mass.

It is recommended to use a similar scheme of training for people suffering from excess weight, as it helps to effectively burn fat. Also, this training is popular among beginners as it helps to develop the correct technique of the exercises. Experienced builders often resort to such types of activities in order to diversify the training process.

To get rid of excess weight with the help of megapowers need to follow a few recommendations. The first tip is to number of repetitions, the exercise should be not less than twenty-five times, this is the number of maximally activated muscles, and felt the burning sensation, it means that you are doing everything right. Weight dumbbells and weights should be minimal. Optimal rest time between sets – half-minute, because they do not have time to recover a substance such as glycogen and starts to burn fat. The rest between exercises is a maximum of one minute.

Beginners in the audience are encouraged to build a lot only with the help of megapowers, as this will allow you to develop the right technique and not hurt the joints. The main advice in this case – preparation sessions, which are based on basic exercises. These sessions involved several muscle groups. Also it is recommended that all exercises be performed in a slow tempo as this will help to develop the right technique. Do not rush to increase the weight, it is more efficient to start with would be to do more repetitions.

For those who are engaged in the gym, mnogopoliarnym training is stressful to the body character. It is used as an alternative to training large weights to the body is not accustomed to similar loads. The interleaving schemes of training increases productivity. To do mnogopoliarnym training is recommended one month out of three, it is with this interval shows the greatest progress. To work out the exercises you need to failure, namely until a strong burning sensation in the muscles. The basis of the training should be basic exercises, however, should also include insulation. Circuit workouts, you constantly alternate.

Tips for masonboro

Use mnogofotonnykh training to increase muscle mass has always been a contentious issue. However, there were always adherents of this method. Constant work with small weights and the maximum number of repetitions, of course, will not bring you long-awaited result, if your goal is big muscle body. However, the use of this scheme of training effectively as a stress to the muscles after prolonged exercise with big weights.

The first tip to use mnogofotonnykh training – work to failure, this is the main difference between classes with a small weighting from heavy weights. Recommended approach to the occurrence of a burning sensation in the muscle and perform another 5 repetitions beyond this.

It is also worth considering that not all exercises are suitable for mnohopocetneho training. Squats and deadlifts should not be done with small weights to failure. Also such exercises are all classic exercises weightlifters. The most suitable for megapower – workouts on the upper body and legs as a result of their use is high productivity. The following recommendation – clarification of “lightness” in weight. You should not take 5-pound dumbbell and try to work to failure when the weight of the rods before was 80+ pounds. It is recommended to choose the most comfortable weighting, with which the person will perform the exercise more than twenty times. If the athlete is able to perform more than thirty repetitions, the weight should be increased.

Regarding the speed of the exercise when mnogopotochnoy training, the slow pace allowed only for beginners. If an experienced athlete will perform the approach with a small weight slowly, it will not bring any result. The highest productivity will bring the training at a fast pace and with maximum muscle tension at the peak point.

Summing up, it should be said that mnogopoliarnym training is valid for muscle building, however, you should follow the above tips. Still Novopavlovka is a type of workout that is used as a discharge body for those who not the first year in the field of fitness. However, we should not exclude it from the training program. The efficiency of this method proven an outstanding athlete and coach. This program allows you to train much more often than in the classical scheme for masonboro (not three times a week, and four or five). Also, this technique is less traumatic for the joints. Mnogoobraznye exercise recommended for people suffering from excess weight as the main form of training.

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