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Rashguard – what is it?

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Compression clothing is used in many sports, it is not only pants and knee-highs, but also T-shirts. The compression t-shirt is called rashguard, and this is a new trend in the sports and fitness industry. If you play sports, it will be useful to learn about rashguards – what it is, why you need it, how rashguards differ from thermal underwear. From this material you will learn the history of the trend, the benefits of using compression t-shirts, as well as a list of the best manufacturers.

It is unknown who invented the rash guard; according to various hypotheses, compression t-shirts were created for American football players, surfers, and fighters. Now it does not matter who became the founder of this trend, since it came in handy in many sports disciplines, as well as in fitness and bodybuilding. It’s better to figure out why a rashguard is needed and why it is better than a regular cotton t-shirt.

About the benefits

The material used for manufacturing is pleasant to the touch, imperceptible on the body, so it is compared with the second skin. It is ventilated, allows the skin to breathe, quickly evaporates sweat and does not become wet from it. Antibacterial compounds are used to impregnate the product, and this is especially important for contact sports. Such tissue will not become the abode of bacteria that attracts sweat, will not cause irritation and increase inflammation on the skin.

Rashguard is practical, it is very durable and resistant to wear. In order to tear or stretch such a T-shirt, it will take a lot of effort. This is not the kind of clothing that needs to be looked after, it is durable and unpretentious, it saves time, effort and money.

The compression effect is needed so that during training the muscles do not have time to cool in between sets. Constantly heated muscles are not subject to sprains and other sports injuries. Ergonomic cut not only provides compression, but also emphasizes the natural curves of the figure, making it more attractive.

If you choose a model in size, then it fits perfectly, it will effectively fit the body.

As an example, one of the leading manufacturers, Virus uses the following technologies:

Coffee Char – use in the production of recycled coffee. As a result, during training, body temperature rises by a couple of degrees, which contributes to weight loss. In this case, the sweat evaporates quickly, the fabric remains dry;
Quick Dry – provides accelerated drying;
Anti Odor – even this is provided, protection against the smell of sweat. Provided by antibacterial additives.
It becomes clear that the rash guard is not just a T-shirt. But in order to meet expectations, you need to be careful when choosing.

How to choose?


It is provided through the use of high-quality synthetic materials that are resistant to stretching and wear. Products made of polyester will be denser, but less elastic, things made of nylon and spandex stretch much better. Seams are an indicator of quality; they should be not only durable, but also flat. If the seams do not match, then they will put pressure on the body and restrict movement, they can separate during intense training.

If you strive for everything natural and try to avoid synthetics, then the choice will be limited to the Jaco brand. This manufacturer uses a natural material – bamboo fiber. The fabric will be just as light and breathable, but less wear resistant.

Male and female

Sportswear does not always fall into the unisex category. Male rashguards differ from female cut. The anatomical features of the body are taken into account, without this it is impossible to ensure a tight fit. The choice of female models on the market is more scarce, but in the very near future this will change, as the trend is gaining popularity.


For martial arts, you need to choose products of fighting brands, they will be the most durable, as they are designed for high loads. In models for surfing, the emphasis is on protection against hypothermia and extremes, they will perform the functions of thermal underwear. For fitness and running, you can give preference to budget options, for example, from the brands Manto or Bad Boy.

The length of the sleeve depends on the purpose. A long sleeve will protect against abrasions, which is important if during training you often come in contact with different surfaces. But puffs may remain on long sleeves, this does not affect the properties, but spoils the mood. A short sleeve is suitable for those who work with weight in gloves, it will not be distracting. Short sleeves are appropriate for training in the gym, if you train on the street, then you need long sleeves, possibly even insulated.

Rashguard on a girl

The size

Trying before purchase is required, even if you know the size range of this manufacturer well. Rashguard should sit tight enough, but not burst at the seams and constrain movement, fit well, but not tighten. If you choose not your size, then the thing will not perform its functions. Not only the size, but also the weight of the athlete is taken into account, the level of load on the seams depends on it. Carefully study all the information for compliance with your parameters.


This is one of the aspects that distinguishes a rashguard from an ordinary sports shirt. Impregnation ensures hygiene of use, it is an antibacterial layer to protect against bacteria. Budget models may not contain such protection, so be sure to look for information on the label. If there is impregnation, then the manufacturer will definitely indicate how Hayaubsa, Virus and other reliable brands do it.

Print picture

Design does not affect functionality in any way, but everyone would like to maintain the attractiveness of their appearance. Now manufacturers are increasingly using thermal transfer, but products with it can still be seen on sale. This is a simple sticker that will quickly come off. In order to keep the print pleasing to the eye as long as possible, it is worth choosing a sublimation print, in which the drawing is performed directly on the fabric structure.

rashguard with a pattern

Popular brands

Under Armor – the brand is home to the United States, they were the first to release rashguards in a modern way. This manufacturer is preferred by professional athletes around the world, which can be seen in high-level competitions.

Haybusa – spectacular Samurai-style items from Canada. Products are famous for quality and durability, so it is appreciated by fighters. As an impregnation, a composition with dissolved silver is used, this is a unique feature.

Koral Fight – a manufacturer from Brazil provides the world with a wide range of products from environmentally friendly materials. Coral Fight sportswear is very comfortable and fits perfectly.

Bad Boy is another well-known American brand, originally specialized in clothing for skaters and surfers, then added to the range of equipment for fighters. It has been producing rashguards since 2010, there is a special line for runners, products in it are produced with reflective elements.

Venum – compression T-shirts originally from Brazil, for the manufacture of durable and lightweight polyamide is used. Impregnation guarantees excellent antibacterial properties. This company was founded by athletes for athletes, it can be trusted.

Jaco – Rashguards from this American manufacturer are 95% made from natural material, bamboo fiber. Wearing such equipment is comfortable, but it will not be as durable as synthetic.

FightChix – became the first company that produces rashguards for girls, now there is a men's line in the assortment. The birthplace of the brand is America.

How to care?

When purchasing rashguards, remember that this product needs proper care. After each workout, it should be washed or at least rinsed. Water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise the product will cease to be elastic. It is allowed to machine wash, but without spinning, after washing you can slightly squeeze it by hand. Drying – only in a natural way, a battery or heated towel rail will deprive the fabric of its properties.


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