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Quinton Eria, 24, in preparation for New York Pro 2020

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Canadian bodybuilder Quinton Erie, one of the brightest discoveries of last year's competition, should enter the 2020 season in 19 weeks. According to coach Dorian Hamilton, whose advice Quinton relies on, this twenty-four-year-old athlete will begin to fight for the favor of the IFBB Professional League referees in the traditional New York Pro 2020 tournament. The competition is scheduled for Saturday May 16th. In what form is Eriya now visible in the attached photographs taken at the Canadian sports club Pure Muscle + Fitness. An athlete from Canada with a height of 185 cm made his debut as a professional at the Toronto Pro Super Show 2019 tournament and immediately entered there in the TOP 5 winners (in the video below).
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First time on stage as a pro #rookieszn #fbf

Publication by Quinton Eriya IFBB Pro 🇳🇬🇯🇲24 (@quintbeastwood)

Dec 20, 2019 at 4:46 pst
Quinton Eriya

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