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Quickly pump up the buttocks at home: fitness secrets

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Quickly pump up the buttocks at home: fitness secrets

The contents

  • Fitness workout for the gluteal muscles
  • Rules of nutrition and home fitness workouts
  • Fitness exercise for pumping the gluteal muscles

Women’s attractiveness is not only beautiful external, but also in slimming the figure. The sleek silhouette and proportional form — a dream of many women, but they require hard work and regular fitness.

Slender legs and tight buttocks the most attractive to the eyes of men. To become the owner of athletic legs pumped, enough to systematically run and perform classic morning exercises. The buttocks are considered one of the problem areas of the female body, along with thighs and belly. Because this part of the body requires special attention and regular fitness workouts.

Fitness workout for the gluteal muscles

Of course, fitness classes at the gym will bear fruit pretty quickly. Conducting fitness training under the supervision of a professional instructor on an individually tailored program in a couple of weeks you will notice the first results. But this does not mean that make your buttocks elastic and toned only by the gym.

In the modern fitness centers, there are many group classes of various kinds — Pilates, stretching and more. When visiting these classes, you will not only pumped the legs and buttocks, but also strengthen the muscle corset back and press.

A great alternative to public classes in sports clubs are the fitness training at home. But home training also requires regularity and perseverance. Beginners must develop training schedule and individual training program. You can’t give in to laziness and skip classes, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

Rules of nutrition and home fitness workouts

Caffeine at home, you need to follow certain rules and recommendations:

  • sessions should be regular. It is desirable to carry out fitness training at the same time that the body is used to constant stress at a certain time of day;
  • beginners should not show excessive zeal — the load should be increased gradually, otherwise you can not avoid peredneprivodnoe muscles and, as a consequence, fatigue syndrome the body;
  • you need to follow the proper technique of performing the fitness exercise. For this it is better to conduct classes in front of the mirror;
  • do not forget about proper rest — the muscle should be given time to recover. Conduct fitness training is better according to the scheme “1+2” – one day training and two days of rest;
  • get a workout journal, which must be specified workout schedule and your fitness program. Keep a track record of your scores to continue to monitor progress of classes and be able to adjust the program;
  • conduct fitness classes you need in a spacious well ventilated room or outdoors;
  • workout clothes should be comfortable, not inhibit movement. Better to give preference to products made of natural fabrics. As of shoes for training perfect comfortable sneakers with soft sole, if you need a fitness workout on the street. Sessions can be performed barefoot, which also has a positive effect on overall health;
  • you should also purchase a basic fitness equipment — yoga Mat, dumbbells, fitball.

Fitness classes will be more effective if you stick to main principles of healthy eating. You should abandon the consumption of sweet and starchy foods, fatty foods and smoked. Better to give preference to cereals, vegetables and fruit. Chicken or Turkey are excellent sources of protein that is needed by the body for muscle growth. The diet should be varied and balanced.

Also do not forget about necessity of replenishment of fluid in the body during fitness activities. Should drink purified water or mineral non-carbonated — at least 2 liters a day.

Fitness exercise for pumping the gluteal muscles

No. 1. Initial position — lying on your back, shoulders tightly pressed to the floor, legs bent at the knees. You need to raise your pelvis up as far as possible without moving your feet and shoulder blades off the floor. Pausing at the top for 1-2 seconds to drop the pelvis down, but not touch the floor with the buttocks. Perform 15-20 repetitions at a moderate pace.

If you have a fitball, you can complicate this fitness exercise by placing the feet on an exercise ball and performing upgrades of the pelvis on the same principle as in the classic version of the exercise.

No. 2. The initial position is standing, one hand rests on the back of a chair or table. You need to do Mahi foot back and forth, holding the balance. To perform this fitness exercise you need to take. Do 15 swings on each leg.

No. 3. For the following exercise you will need dumbbells. Initial position — standing, arms with shells along the trunk. Making a wide step forward, need to sit down. The leading leg should be flexed at the knee at a right angle, the second leg straight. To do 15 to 20 lunges on each leg.

Having mastered this exercise, you can diversify, carrying out attacks not only forward but also backward and sideways.

No. 4. Initial position — standing, arms with dumbbells are stretched along the body. You need to perform classic squats, dropping down to thighs parallel with the floor. Arms by lifting weights it should be raised to chest level. Back bend during the execution of this exercise cannot be. To perform at least 20 sit-UPS.

No. 5. The original position is standing on all fours. Need to make Mahi back, raise your leg to the maximum possible angle. Lowering your legs should not touch the floor. The movement should not be sharp, a back bend is impossible. Perform 15-20 swings on each leg.

No. 6. The final workout fitness exercise is working fine buttocks, giving them a seductive roundness. Initial position — standing on one leg, dumbbell squeezed with both hands. Do forward bends, focusing on the contractions of the muscles of the buttocks. If in the course of performing this exercise you feel pain, decrease the weight load.


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