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Quantity or quality: what is more important in a burpee?

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If you once offered to do one exercise instead of ten, and promised weight loss and muscle tone, you hardly would believe in such a possibility. What is this magical exercise? Burpee is a unique alternative to conventional sit-UPS, AB crunches and plank subject technology. How to do it the right way – read below.

What is a burpee

To understand the nature of the exercise, remember the facts of history. Downloads burpee bought in the late 30-ies of the last century. Invention we owe to the physiologist Royal gallstone the Burpee, who described it in the scientific work in applied physiology, but burpee was different from what I do now.

Here’s how to see his Royal:

  • squat, placing the hands over the feet;
  • be the bar;
  • jump bringing feet to yourself, rise.

This exercise is sometimes called “some burpees,” and originally it was used as an indicator of human physical abilities. According to the inventor Mr. Burpee, some burpees is a measure of the ability of the heart to pump blood through the body while it is in the speed change position in space. The speed reps are the same level of fitness.

During the Second world war, the exercise was used to evaluate new recruits before the boys stood a standard of 12 burpee 20 seconds.

In 1946 the soldiers were obliged to carry out the ideal 41 repeat for 1 minute, less than 27 repeats were considered a poor indicator. Royal himself could not have imagined that one day his invention will do with such intensity. He said that “a military modification exercises too complicated”, because for those who have core muscles are underdeveloped, there is a risk of injury to the knees and spine.

The burpee exercise: the technique of

Most athletes, for the first time hearing about burpee argue that the technique is nothing complicated, but after 5 sets I take it back. This exercise actively engages in programs of crossfit and its effect on all muscle groups is highly valued in sports.

Consider the standard technique:

  • from the starting position “standing” should sit down on his haunches and then to stretch your hands to the floor;
  • quick release foot back, assume the position strap;
  • do push-UPS;
  • come back in a sitting position and jump up as high as possible by running the cotton over her head;
  • repeat exercise n-number of times without stopping.

Before you run you must perform warm up exercises to warm up your muscles to avoid injury. Pre workout will help the exercise run more smoothly will save your joints. In addition, it is important to keep that in the back there is a deflection, but the hunch is also not necessary – the body should form a straight line.

Trainers recommend doing exercise the number of repetitions, which does not cause strong discomfort. Below are the recommended number of repetitions for people with different fitness level.

  • beginner: 4 sets of 2 minutes each. Rest between sets – 1 minute;
  • intermediate: 6 sets of 2 minutes. Rest 1 minute;
  • high level: 6 sets of 3 minutes. Also 1 minute rest;
  • advanced: 6 sets of 3 minutes each, rest 30 seconds.

Exercise is effective not only for those who just want to get in shape, increase muscle tone, and for those wishing to quickly get rid of excess weight.

Exercise some burpees for weight loss

Those who are looking for ways to reduce weight, which will lead to the desired result, already drew attention to this exercise. Thank burpee walks ahead of him and attributed to him various miraculous properties.

To show the effectiveness of calorie burning with a burpee, here is an example: a person weighing 75 kilograms slow walking will burn 150 calories by walking at a moderate pace – 480 calories, jumping rope is 550 calories, and the magic hour at burpee workout to burn him – 990 kcal!

The benefits of exercise are obvious:

  • No special equipment is required. All you need is your own body and the desire to do.
  • Training the respiratory and cardiovascular system, improve blood circulation and the beneficial effects on overall metabolic processes in the body. Burpee is a great choice for morning exercise.
  • Exercise helps to develop stamina and to train coordination.Helps in burning calories as and combines weight training, and cardio.
  • Time-saving it is enough to make a few approaches for a complete workout.

Exercise active influence on various groups of muscles such as the press, deltoid, large pectoral, glutes, and calves, triceps, quads, etc. Active work of the muscles and intense rate contribute to higher energy consumption, and this, in turn, is the Foundation of weight loss.

Contraindications for some burpees

This exercise is a very intense type of load and a frequent cause of injury. To avoid such problems, it is important to familiarize yourself with the contraindications.

  • Weight (30% more than normal).
  • Pregnancy, the postpartum period (up to 3 months).
  • Heart disease.
  • Problems with the joints.

For classes, pick’s low impact version of the exercises if a heavy load for one reason or another are contraindicated. You will be able to achieve the desired result, but it will need to spend more time on training. Start with the minimum number of repetitions, each day increasing their numbers, and remember that too many approaches to the excessive and harmful burden.

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