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Pushups with claps, how to do and why it is useful

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Pushups with cotton (work on triceps, chest, deltoid muscle) is a modification of conventional exercises aimed at developing explosive force. The essence of this load that the athlete should develop a powerful force in a short time.

The advantages of the exercises primarily consist in the development of power indicators. In second place – increase the speed, and the third muscle growth.

For this reason, these exercises are often used in training professional athletes.
How to perform

Initial position: you need to lie down, put hands on shoulder width, lower back does not Flex, feet in one line.


  • Get down to the floor, taking a breath. To bring to the floor the chest bend your elbows. The torso should be straight.
  • The essence of the exercises is a powerful effort. Need when lifting up the body to push off in order to have time to clap your hands in front of him and not fall. By lifting your body out.
  • After the cotton back to the starting point.
  • Again, bring yourself down, but Breasts don’t touch the floor.
  • Move on to your next repetition.
  • What muscle fibers are involved?

    Pushups with cotton affect the same muscle groups as in the classic version:

  • Large pectoral muscles.
  • The triceps brachii.
  • The deltoid muscles.
  • Naturally in the course of the exercise loaded and other groups of muscles. That’s why pushups are so effective and popular.

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