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Pushups: rules fitness workouts for home exercises

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Pushups: rules fitness workouts for home exercises

The contents

  • Principles of fitness training
  • Fitness program of push-UPS
  • Equipment of performance of exercises

To maintain health and fitness do not necessarily go to the gym, enough to carry out the fitness training at home. For the program it is recommended to choose elements that work multiple muscles in a single movement. This approach will allow you to effectively train all of the body, which lasted some time.

One of the most popular exercises for the home are pushups. With their help, well-worked muscles of the chest, back, shoulders and partially the abdominals, buttocks and legs. A large number of different variations allows you to shift the load to the desired areas of the body, strengthening the efficiency of employment. To do the workouts extremely effective, it is necessary to develop a specific program and remember several important rules.

Principles of fitness training

Any fitness classes you need to start with light loads, gradually upgrading them as adaptation of the body. This rule applies to push UPS: if the person is absolutely not able to do push-UPS, then begin to master them it is necessary carefully, wisely dosing the load. The first exercises can be performed from the knees, giving the muscles a chance to adjust to the new work, and then gradually switch to the classic version. In the course of employment must adhere to the following rules:

  • Each fitness training necessarily begins with a warm-up. Before you begin to push UPS, you need to efficiently heat up your muscles and ligaments, accelerating the blood circulation in the body. As a starter you can use any arbitrary motion: swings arms and legs, rotation of the limbs and the body, squats, jumps, tilts, thrusts.
  • Between workouts must be a break. Not overly tire the body, exercising daily. The muscles need to heal microcracks resulting power load, and recovered for further studies. It is important to remember that muscle growth occurs in the rest period after power loads. Thus, the optimal schedule is considered a workout through the day.
  • The fitness program is based on the principle of the approaches with small breaks in between. The average duration of rest between sets is a minute or two.
  • Pushups can be done by people of any fitness, but you must properly assess their current status. The beginner is not able to performing push-UPS with cotton or place a stop on a hill, so it is recommended to choose lightweight options, for example, with an emphasis of hands on a low platform or bench.
  • To perform push-UPS do not require additional hardware or special device, it is sufficient to find a small space where you can comfortably be accommodated in the rest position, and to start training.

    Fitness program of push-UPS

    To ensure maximum benefit from exercise, you must follow a scheme of training to gradually build up the load. The proposed fitness program and recipes and is designed for hardy beginner. In the first 12 lessons and perform 5 sets. The number of repetitions in each of them painted in the scheme:

    • day 1 — perform sets at 2-3-2-2-3 times, a total of 12 repetitions;
    • day 2 — sets of 3-4-2-3-4 times, a total of 16 reps;
    • day 3 — sets of 4-5-4-4-5 times, only 22 reps;
    • day 4 — sets at 4-6-4-4-6 times, only 24 reps;
    • day 5 — sets at 5-6-4-4-7 times, a total of 26 reps
    • day 6 — make 5-7-5-5-8 repetitions, 30;
    • day 7 — make 10-12-7-7-9 repetitions, for a total of 45;
    • day 8 — make 10-12-8-8-12 repetitions, for a total of 50;
    • day 9 — make 11-13-9-9-13 repetitions, for a total of 55;
    • day 10 — make 12-14-11-10-16 repetitions, for a total of 63;
    • day 11 — make 14-16-12-12-18 repetitions, for a total of 72;
    • day 12 — make 16-18-13-13-20 repetitions, for a total of 80.

    In successive exercises one day a fitness program is four weeks. But if some day you cannot perform immediately, then it must be repeated to complete all sets and only then move on to the next.

    When the body gets used to the loads obtained in 5 sets, it will be possible to complicate the exercise, adding 3 new approach. Add them slowly, following the same scheme. On average, it is recommended to increase the range no more than 10-15 reps at a time.

    Equipment of performance of exercises

    To perform pushups, you can use a different technique, choosing the most suitable current shape.

  • Those who have never experienced a fitness class, suitable pushups from the wall or high support. Put your palms slightly wider than shoulders, body should be perfectly straight, feet together. Bend elbows, lowering body to the support, then on the exhale, straighten.
  • Another easy exercise is push-UPS from knees. In this element the support goes not to the toes, and knees. Calf raise up and cross over at the ankles. Put your palms under the shoulders.
  • The classic version is an emphasis on palms and toes. The palm usually put under the shoulders. To shift the load on the muscles of the back, hands set wider than your shoulders. To offset the load on the triceps palms are put as small as possible.
  • To enhance the effect of fitness, you can use options such as push UPS with a clap, when the body moves up, the athlete pushes with the strength of hands from the floor, pop in the palm of your hand and lands on ones back. The second method of enhancing the load are pushups on one hand. The second limb is hidden behind the back to keep balance.
  • A fitness program can be supplemented with push-UPS with a support stop on a hill. In this case, the load will shift to the pectoral muscle.
  • Regardless of which option is chosen push-UPS, this program is able to significantly develop the endurance of man and to improve his physical form. Push UPS are optimal for those people who have no time to visit a gym. It is important to develop your schedule and strictly follow it.

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