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Push UPS from the bench: a description of the exercise, especially technology

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Push UPS from the bench: a description of the exercise, especially technology
The contents

  • Pushups for triceps: features technology implementation
  • How to plan vacations and training?
  • How many sets and reps to do per exercise?
  • The technique of push-UPS for triceps
  • What muscles and joints work in exercise?

Push UPS from the bench – mnogoetajnoe exercise for the study of the upper part of the body with emphasis on the triceps. It can be used to achieve growth in the thickness of the triceps and give us an impressive view. But to achieve such result one must strictly adhere to the rules of the exercise. When making technical errors, the load on the target muscle is distributed inefficiently. Despite its apparent simplicity, this kind of push-UPS has a number of subtleties and nuances, which have to know everyone who plans to use this exercise in their workouts.

Pushups for triceps: features technology implementation

The following recommendations will help to perform the exercise efficiently and safely:

  • In flexion of the hands do not dilute the elbows to the sides. They need to be kept close to the body and send back. It will be easier to do if you put your palm on the bench. The distance between the hands should be equal to shoulder width or slightly more. Taking the emphasis on straight arms, palms need to rotate a little inside.
  • The head should be kept straight and do not tilt it, and look direct ahead.
  • The top point should be to stop for a while (2-3 seconds) and arbitrary force to further stretch the target muscle. Hands need to straighten up to full rectification.
  • During the movement of the torso up and down, the knees should stay as straight. With bent knees push-UPS only newcomers who, because of low physical training forced to perform the exercise in the light version.
  • Need to go down low, trying to stretch the triceps. But it is important not to overdo it. If you go down too deep, especially when focusing on a high bench, can stretch the ligaments of the shoulder joints, which limit movement in position of extreme extension. Ultimately, this may lead to instability of the shoulder joint, and exercise can result in dislocation. No need to try to bring the buttocks almost to the floor. To protect the joints, it is better to descend to the level at which the upper part of the hand becomes parallel to the floor (elbows formed right angles).
  • The back should be close to the edge of the bench. The torso to move vertically without tilting it forward and backward.
  • If the push up bench is used the weights, it is placed on the leg above the knee. But in the first year of training you can do without weights. This exercise without additional weight gives a good load triceps.

    How to plan vacations and training?

    Triceps enough to train 1-2 times a week. It is not recommended to carry out 2 workouts in a row without allocating a single day to rest. The same group of muscles you need to pump with a break of a few days, so muscles have time to recover. This rule applies to the triceps, especially since they are actively involved in the exercises on his chest. In conjunction with the pectoral muscles, the triceps extends and leads to the body shoulder. Sometimes the chest muscles and triceps are trained together in one class. If they work separately, on different days of the week, between workouts are trying to survive long enough pause to pectoral muscles and triceps time to recover.

    How many sets and reps to do per exercise?

    Pushups are performed from the bench at the beginning of the workout triceps, along with other basic exercises. To increase the mass of the triceps muscles of the shoulder element repeat 8-15 times in the approach. Just for exercise do 3-5 sets. The duration of rest between sets about 1-1. 5 minutes. Beginners may rest for longer than 2-3 minutes, but gradually these pauses should be reduced. Respite between sets lasting 1-1. 5 minutes effective if the athlete is building muscle mass. A longer pause, the athletes are doing in training aimed at strength development. A short pause for rest (45-60 seconds) athletes observe in the case that it is necessary not only to pump the muscles but also burn excess fat.

    The technique of push-UPS for triceps

    To perform the exercise you will need a sports bench or any other support the same height and wide enough to be able to rely on her hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. First you need to sit down on the bench and put his hands on its edge, then lean on hands and to bring the pelvis outside of the shop, so the torso was on weight. Legs can be left on the floor in a bent or straightened, or throw on another bench, placed in parallel to the first. These three possible options of performance of an element are listed in ascending order of difficulty. To further complicate the exercise, you need to put on thigh weights (disk post).

    The smooth movement of the hands are bent, and the torso falls to the floor. Arms bending must be carried out before formation of a right angle between arm and forearm. Some coaches recommend to lower the shoulder just below the elbow. If to go deep, triceps better stretch and it improves their growth. But with the large range of motion can hurt the shoulder joints, so do not try to descend as low as possible. After rectification of hands is recommended for 1-2 seconds to stop at the top (not rest – pause is done to preserve the peak voltage of the trained muscles). Hands need to straighten completely. The breath is done when lowering the body down, exhale during the upward movement.

    What muscles and joints work in exercise?

    When performing push-UPS behind the majority of the load goes to the triceps. But if the exercise allowed the technical error of the triceps may lose a considerable share of the load, giving it to other muscles.

    This exercise is megosztani. Movement occurs in the shoulder and elbow joints. Partly involved in the work of the deltoid muscle, or their front beams responsible for the flexion of the shoulders. A certain amount of load goes to breast muscle. The auxiliary function of the shoulder, elbow, front of the serratus and the complex of muscles of the forearm

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