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Push-UPS for strength development: the rules and methods of exercise

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Push-UPS for strength development: the rules and methods of exercise
The contents

  • The position of the body
  • How to perform the exercise
  • Limit load
  • Exercise and rest
  • Regular training
  • How to increase the result
  • Methods of improving performance
  • Exercises for the muscles of the whole body
  • Conclusion

Pushups by themselves are an effective exercise for the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle and the press. But they can still be used as a warm-up in preparation for the basic phase of training in various sports. In order to wring out from the floor, do not need special tools and costs time. These are the main benefits of exercises that can be performed with its own weight. However, an inexperienced person will be difficult to do push-UPS 10-15 times. How to quickly increase muscle strength and to obtain visible results? We’ll cover that in this article.

The position of the body

Before you begin to push UPS, you need to understand what the original position must take the body to technically properly perform this physical exercise, power type. From the original stand will depend on the load on certain muscle groups. Than more evenly it is distributed on the body, the easier it will be to do push-UPS.

So, in the original position take a stand down on the floor. Palms resting on the floor at a distance slightly larger than the width of the forearm. The body tenses up and stretches in a string. Only such a stance ensures the correct execution of exercises for the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle and chest muscles.

How to perform the exercise

Pushups you can perform in different ways. The load is controlled by a method of setting the hands in the original position of the element. According to this principle, distinguish between push-UPS:

  • wide;
  • narrow.

In the first embodiment, the palm put quite broadly, focusing on the scope of the shoulders or a little wider. The shoulder and forearm should be relative to each other at an angle of 90 degrees. The second option involves setting hands across the width of the chest.

During the exercise a wide “grip” the main working muscles are: triceps, chest and shoulder. The narrow setting is more focused on working the shoulders.

Limit load

To begin to increase the number of push-UPS need to determine their maximum abilities. Take the original stance and do the exercise as many times as you allow the power of the muscles. But only do it technically correctly. What does it do?

Knowing your high, it is possible to plan basic training. For example, if your limit is 10 push-UPS, then, as an option, the workout you can perform 3 sets of 8 pushups. The last repetition should be performed with apparent difficulty, at the limit of strength.

Exercise and rest

Between sets you need to give the muscles time to rest. Many enough to make a pause of 20-30 seconds. But if you feel tired, you can increase the rest periods to 60 seconds. A longer break is not recommended. Otherwise, the desired effect of push-UPS will not. Of course, the greater the number of times to perform this exercise for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, the athlete, the more you need to relax. Time yourself on a stopwatch the time taken for push-UPS. About the same, and recover.

Regular training

So that the muscles grow, they need to efficiently recover after a workout. Usually, beginners need a daily break between classes. While the muscles may still continue to hurt, but that’s okay. Thus, it is recommended to train through the day. But if the training takes only 15-20 minutes, daily training will be more useful.

How to increase the result

To pump the arms and to improve their performance in push-UPS, you must follow this plan at every training session to increase the number of exercise at least 1-2 times per set. It’s real. If you constantly improve your results does not work, should not work to the limit of their capabilities. Maybe the muscles need to give sufficient time for natural growth.

The fans of athletics, which start at zero, it may be advisable to train a few weeks on his initial high. And only after the muscles get stronger, start to increase pure repetition.

Such exercise as push-UPS, their monotony can lead to slower results. Muscles just get used to the load and cease to grow. To avoid this, you need at least 1 every 2 weeks to change hand position while performing strength element, to increase the intensity of movements or to incorporate between sets a number of cardio exercises.

Methods of improving performance

How to increase the number of pushups in a short time? How much more you can do repetitions in one week? It is necessary to focus on your current max. Let’s say the athlete at the moment can perform 20 push-UPS and sets a goal to do 100 reps in a row. In this case go to this result need daily to do push-UPS at least 100 times by each scheme.

For example, you can divide this number by 5 sets in one workout or push-UPS 5 times a day — the overall indicator was 100. The important thing is to handle the load. If the strength of the muscles will allow you to do more than 20 push UPS at a time, do it. But you should not try to exercise more than hundred in a day. This can lead to overtraining, fatigue and muscle damage.

According to the above scheme needs to work 10 days without rest. At the end of this period, try again to do push-UPS to maximum. Even if you will not be able to do 100 pushups without a break, their number will increase substantially. Give your body a rest several days and repeat the complex.

Exercises for the muscles of the whole body

The work of the arms and shoulder girdle is very important to increase the number of push-UPS. But if the athlete wants to achieve impressive results, it needs to work on strengthening the muscles of the whole body. Do the exercises for the abdominal muscles, back, legs, pull up on the bar, work the post. And then you will be able to easily do push-UPS not only 100, but 200-300 times. Recall that the world record currently stands at 10507 times. Installed it the Japanese Minor Yoshida.


The method of increasing the number of push-UPS is quite simple. Take exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and the result will be visible after 1-2 weeks. Include pushups in your complex morning exercises or exercise at lunchtime. This simple force element will make your hands and torso beautiful and a relief for a short time.

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