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Push – and live longer! Found another reason to lift weights

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Thus, the study showed that power can be an important factor in prolonging life. Those who have weak muscles, 50 per cent more likely to die early. “Support muscle health throughout life, especially in old age, is very important in order to live longer and in good health”, — said the head of research Kate Duchovny.

Scientists believe that the most important thing to develop so-called power compression, not to increase muscle mass. To check how strong you are, it’s easy: take the ring-expander, sold in sports shops, and squeeze it as hard as possible. This is the simple version of the dynamometer — device for measuring force. Researchers believe that this power can be a marker of a person’s health.

To obtain these results were examined 8326 men and women aged 65 years. Weak muscular strength — squeezing hand less than 22 pounds in women and 39 in men.

In the end, 46% of people in the control group were classified as weak. Given that in earlier studies with fewer participants those were considered only 10-13%, before risk dying a lot more people.

Now researchers consider it important to convey to the physicians, information about the necessity of such checks. And even earlier than people demonstrate other signs of aging. They believe that with the help of dynamometer, you can track the problem at an early stage and to prolong life. While such events are planned only in the States, but to strengthen the muscles all worth it!

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