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Pumping the muscles of the neck: exercises, equipment and safety rules

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Developed and strong neck muscles not only a Testament to the power and beauty of men, but also an important sign that their owner is seriously engaged with his body. Proper training will enable a harmonious pump neck, avoiding common biases in comparison with the body and injuries.

Preparing for the exercises

The question of “how to pump up the neck?”, perhaps slightly premature. The main thing now is to figure out how to stretch, because without this ritual can cause your body great harm.

For a comfortable and safe workout, it is necessary to perform several exercises that will not cause you any difficulties:

  • •Tilts head to the side; rotation.
  • •Stretch the neck by tilting the head sideways, forward and backward with hands.
  • •Diagonal head tilts.

Consistent implementation of these exercises with the expectation of 10 repetitions for each, to avoid injuries during exercise, as well as pain after it. They need to be performed slowly and steadily, feeling a pleasant tightening of every muscle, locking the position of the peak point. By the way, it is important to remember, that a complex need and after class to avoid the shortening of the neck muscles (a serious consequence, leading further to many chronic diseases).

Bleeding the neck at no extra shells

Here are simple exercises, requiring no extra shells. With proper, slow and continuous run, you’ll be able to pump the neck muscles at home.

  • •Resistance when turning the head. A hand pressed against her chin and held it so that when you turn your head to the side, she encountered moderate resistance.
  • •Resistance when bending forward. Hands propping up his chin, and then try to make the head tilt forward. The principle of all exercise is the same – the pressure of hands and head at each other.
  • •Resistance when bending back. The hands placed on the back of his head, as if pushing your head forward. In doing so the tilt back, meeting the necessary resistance.

As exercises devoid of weights, run them for 15-20 reps.

The main thing – to listen to your body and not to overload the muscles.
Bleeding neck with extra shells

Professional bleeding the neck in the hall includes a set of exercises involving other muscles of the deltas and trapezoid. And rightly so. In this case, the muscle mass increases proportionally and harmoniously. And yet, at the end of the lesson, you can perform two special exercises aimed solely at pumping the muscles of the neck. The technique is quite simple, the implementation of problems should not be. In order to exercise brought only benefit, should be repeated not more than 6-8 times.

Lift head while lying on stomach

Stomach lie on a flat bench (shoulders, neck and head remain navisu). Put weighting on the back of the head and exhaling, begin to drag them to the back.

Lift head while lying on back

The principle is the same. Lie on the bench in the same way, only now back. On the forehead put weighting and exhale bringing the chin to the torso.

A little about the precautions

Exercise for pumping the muscles of the neck – almost the most traumatic in the field of fitness. To avoid trouble, each of them must be performed slowly, steadily and carefully, preferably with ongoing advice and insurance coach.

There is a whole list of diseases that exclude all or part of the exercise for pumping the muscles of the neck. These include:

  • •osteochondrosis in the acute stage;
  • •cardiac diseases (hypertension, hypotension, tachycardia);
  • •any ODS or OCR also automatically cancels classes.

It is important to remember one more rule lessons aimed at pumping of the cervical. It is better to perform per week 5-6 light workouts than to go all out for 2-3 times. To overextend the neck dangerous, so loads must be metered.

Absolutely necessary the termination of the exercise if you feel pain in the neck or back, difficulty in movement or pressure jump. In these cases you should immediately consult a doctor.

Do not be afraid! Beautiful neck muscle with proper training is absolutely not far off. Remember about security, then you definitely can without harm to health to achieve the desired result. The main thing to want and try. Success!

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