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Pumping buttocks with squats: fitness training in the gym and at home

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Pumping buttocks with squats: fitness training in the gym and at home

The contents

  • What are the benefits of butt exercises?
  • The types of exercise to workout the buttocks
  • How effective is fitness training at home?

Buttocks is a massive layer of muscle that responds well to physical activity. However, the gluteal muscles weaken pretty quickly too. Because of the shortage of motor activity and a prolonged stay in a sitting POS gluteal muscles lose their tone, muscle tissue is replaced by fat, the buttocks are flattened, become flabby and swollen. To avoid this, you need to set aside time to regularly carry out special exercises for the glutes.

What are the benefits of butt exercises?

To strengthen the buttocks it is necessary not only to impart alluring shapes. Leveling the gluteal muscles is also a way of promoting health. The gluteal muscles are involved in stabilizing the spine and pelvis, that is conducive to maintaining the anatomically correct position of the vertebral column and pelvic girdle. Strong gluteal muscles contribute to maintaining proper posture and a beautiful gait. They reduce the risk of developing diseases of the spine and play an important role in maintaining the health of the hip joints and pelvic organs.

The types of exercise to workout the buttocks

Girls like to pump the muscles of the buttocks leg lifts pose on all fours, walking on the buttocks and lifts the pelvis in the supine position. Of course, this is an effective exercises that must be present in programs fitness workouts the gluteal region. But the load exercise for the glutes is squats. Squats performed with weights, give a significant boost to increase muscle mass, tighten sagging muscles and skin, speeds up fat burning.

Squats for the glutes to perform better with weights (barbell, dumbbells). But beginners can first squat without additional weights — so it’s easier to hone the correct technique of the exercise. And even without free weights and exercise machines can be good to pump the buttocks, if you perform squats often, with lots of repetitions and rigorous technique. The key rules perform squats:

  • Dropping into the squat, you need to take pelvis back, sending the Falcon up. You can train correctly to sit down in the following way: to retreat to 50-70 centimeters from the low seat, and, sinking into a squat, touch him buttocks.
  • You should squat deep below parallel thighs with the floor. A deep squat is optimal for pumping buttocks.
  • You cannot allow the bottom of the squat your knees forward beyond your toes.

When rising from the squat should be intensively reduced, namely the gluteal muscles. The contribution of the muscles of the legs should be minimal. Otherwise rusty will be mostly of the thigh (especially anterior surface), not the buttocks. Rod weight should be around 2/3 of body weight athletes and more. Can be directly put on the shoulders of a 20 kg weight and continue to add 1-2 kg per week. In addition to squats are also useful lunges with a barbell and weights, sumo deadlifts and hyperextension. Is a violent form of exercise, but the butt workout can be useful and cardio activity.

If there are no problems with excess weight and you only need to round the buttocks due to the increase of muscle mass can be practiced solely strength exercises for the glutes. Aerobic physical exercise (cardio) helps to banish excess fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It all depends on individual needs. In many cases it is advantageous to combine two types of workouts. Can one day give force to the muscles and the other to work in the cardio-power mode, that is, not to take the maximum weight and do large number of repetitions per exercise. Heavy power exercises with heavy weights are usually repeated 8-10 times for the approach. Light exercises done for about 20 repetitions in one approach.

As a cardio weight training suited squats with jumping up, lunges jumping or mnogoobraznye squats with one dumbbell. Power fitness workout buttocks do not have to be saturated with a large number of exercises. You can do only two exercises per workout, but they should be load and executed without technical errors. In the elaboration of the buttocks, as in strength training, welcomes diversity. You can alternate from lesson to lesson, different exercises or upgrade the complex every 2-3 weeks.

Buttocks well pumped standard squats, especially if those squats deep and they use additional weights. But effective and sumo squats with weights or without, but the technique of these squats more challenging. Here you have to squat with legs wide apart, not very convenient and creates unusual strain on the joints. There are still a wide variety of attacks, and almost all of them well-stressing the buttocks. In fitness training, you can include lunges forwards and backwards with a barbell or with dumbbells, lunges in place (sit-UPS, scissors), lunges reverans, Bulgarian lunges (with foot elevated).

How effective is fitness training at home?

In the gym creates a more intense physical exercise, for working out the muscles through the use of different kinds of weights. Exercising in the gym, you can quickly achieve the desired result. However, at home to pump up the beautiful firm buttocks is possible. But you have to focus on regularity of training (gaps not allowed!) and on the proper selection of exercises. Core training should leave most load butt exercises: squats, lunges, selegiline high. It is recommended to get a pair of stackable dumbbells. Strengthen your legs and burn extra fat jumping rope.

How long to wait for the result of the training? In just 1-2 weeks can result in gluteal muscle tone and make them more elastic. But to significantly build muscle and achieve a distinct firmness and roundness you will have to work for several months. The speed of progress depends on the initial state of the buttocks, genetic characteristics, diet and regular workouts. It’s recommended to do at least three times a week. During intensive physical loads between adjacent training you need to take breaks not less than a day, so that the muscles have time to regenerate and increase in volume.

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