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Pump Workout from Les Mills – the pros and cons

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Program Pump Workout is an effective set of exercises with a barbell from the experts in the world of fitness company Les Mills. What is special about this complex, are there any disadvantages?

The training program Pump Workout has been developed by the experts in the world of fitness company Les Mills, in collaboration with BeachBody. This is one of the best ways to simultaneously lose weight and strengthen muscles. Training is conducted with the rod, they are adapted to execute at home.
The company is the most popular Les Mills Body Pump program, it’s training with a barbell to get rid of excess weight. With all the advantages of this program is the lack of need to train in the gym with an instructor. In Les Mills and thought about those who want to freshen up at home, the result was a Pump Workout program. Training allows you to lose weight and gain muscle features, right from the comfort of home.
In the complex Pump Workout includes eight training sequence from 10 to 60 minutes, they develop the body consistently – allow to master work with a barbell, increasing the pace of exercise start intense fat loss, tighten body, increase stretching and flexibility of the body.

During training, you can spend up to 600 calories for training will require a rod and some pancakes.

To master the program Pump Workout may be everything – men and women, people with training and without it. Exercise intensity is increased gradually, given detailed recommendations on the choice of the weight and exercise technique. This training system has its advantages and disadvantages.
Pump Workout – pros:

  • Simultaneous impact – muscle strengthening and getting rid of body fat. Mnogopoliarnym mode and high execution speed allow you to quickly create a supple and toned body;
    The simultaneous workout of all major muscle groups a sufficient load to work on problem areas;
    The possibility of training without training, even for people who have never held a rod. The program begins with a simple training to master the correct technique;
    The maximum motivation to work on yourself – the right music, the advice of trainers;
    The program is designed for a few months, a smooth transition from moderate to high loads;
    Very detailed instruction with subtitles of the language – what weight to select, over which the muscle works the exercise, how many minutes should take each element of a fitness plan.

Pump Workout – cons:

  • For training you must have a barbell and some pancakes for weight gain;
  • High load on the legs makes the program forbidden for those who endured injuries to his legs, has joint disease, varicose veins. The program also contraindicated for people with lots of excess weight and diseases of the back.

If the benefits for you much more relevant than the disadvantages, then Pump Workout is the best fitness course on the perfect body. Intensive work with weights at a fast pace transforms the figure and makes the body more strong.

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