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Pump the back muscles using dumbbells

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Back protects the spine and bones, and those in turn — internal organs from deformation and mechanical damage. To prevent such troubles, you should strengthen the spinal Department. To conduct such exercise even at home using dumbbells, and back muscles will guard your health.

In addition, a strong back is a beautiful posture, well-being, increased confidence and strength. You need to treat it seriously, to strengthen and develop your back muscles, and how we will deal below.

Do not forget

Back muscles associated with rest and sometimes, the muscles of the arms, torso, and even legs, chip away the load intended for the dorsal division. Therefore, only well-fortified back will allow, as well as eliminating the risk of injury, to engage in sports, regardless of their direction. The spine is probably the most important part of the body that needs to be in good shape, because it depends on human health.

Well-developed back is not only important for the stronger sex. Girls should pay attention to its condition, it is important at any age, regardless of occupation.

Training back muscles

Divide the back muscles, deep and superficial. Deciding on the program, you should determine what muscles you should carefully consider. Do not forget about security measures:

  • Should have in its Arsenal a special belt that supports the lower back.
  • It is not necessary to devalue the importance of warm-up, required for each class. It prepares the muscles to work and warms up the ligament.
  • Mastering a new exercise you should start with the sharpening technique without cargo, and only after fixing skills, you can gradually add weight.
  • Weight is always to gain with small values and gradually improving it and listen to their feelings. The only way to achieve results and avoid overload.
  • Breathing — the key to proper training. Exercise is always performed during exhalation of air, and breath are calm and reset the counter.
  • Before the training necessary to consult a doctor, eliminating malicious exercise.
  • Comprehensive training

    Exercises with dumbbells to pump up the back muscles, will help to achieve a visible result, but in the regular classroom.

    Depending on needs, the training will help pump up the back or to cope with the extra weight.

    Performance of a complex for the study of the back eliminates the supine position, therefore, to be productive be sure to do the following exercises.


    For the source position should stand up straight, feet put on width apart, back straight. Dumbbell weight suitable to take up and execute bending forward, slightly bending your knees. Hand should move vertically along the leg to the line of the tibia. During inhalation, to revert to the original rack.

    Thrust in the slope

    The exercise is aimed at the simultaneous study of the complex of muscles: the broadest, trapezoid and extensors. Original stand for mounting, shells lying at his feet on the floor. Squat to lift the shells, legs slightly bent at the knee, and carry the torso to 45 degrees. The shells pull it up to the level of the tank, making sure the elbows and straighten the arms.

    Lifting dumbbells to the belt on the bench

    Exercise that targets the muscles of latissimus, deltoid, and biceps. Worked out turns on both sides. The starting position for the right side. The projectile in the right hand, the left knee should be put on the bench, his hand holding on to the edge. The dumbbell in the hand to pull right, dropping the shoulder. Breath, starting position. Similarly work with the other party.

    Breeding hand in the slope

    A good exercise for pumping the trapezius and deltoid muscles with little redistribution to other groups. For its implementation it is necessary to stand up straight, feet together and knees slightly bent. Body tilted forward, holding the dumbbells with straight grip. You should first take a breath, and the exercise — breeding hand in hand to carry on the exhale. On the inhale, as expected, goes back to the original position.

    The upgrade to the chin

    Arms, shoulders and a-line well respond to this exercise. Starting position — stand straight, feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, keep your back straight, hands with dumbbells loosely at your sides. On the exhale raise arms at sides to shoulder level, inhale to lower down.

    Back, you can close and you can develop the exercises and do them in parallel with other sports activities, developing other muscles of the body. Good swimming, stretching exercises, they perfectly complement any sports program.

    Strengthening the back in men and women

    In principle, the exercises used to strengthen the back are the same, but there are differences. Consider what is.

    For the fairer sex of the ideal number of workouts 2 — 3 per week during breaks between classes the muscles gradually and harmoniously come back to normal, and ready for the next load. As for the number of repetitions of the exercise for the weaker sex should start with 1, gradually bringing it to 2 and then to 3 approaches on 10 — 12 times. Only then, with perfect technique and some training, you can increase the number to 4 repetitions.

    To begin the lesson, you should warm up, after which you can move on to the deadlift, it’s good for beginners. During training it is necessary to monitor the health, for weights and muscle building reaction. In case of overload — make appropriate conclusions and to reduce the load by adjusting the weight of the dumbbell or the number of approaches.

    Gentleman quite confidently believe that powerful back swinging only at the expense of higher weights. However, without special training. This is a serious error leading to injury, if not explicit, step-by-step. Sometimes the overloaded muscle fibers are torn and cause pain that can be confused with a training effect.

    The system of lessons includes a warm-up and gradually increasing loads, starting with minimal adaptation.

    To achieve beautiful terrain in training mode and a lot of work, as well as a balanced diet and proper rest. If you do 7 times a week, can only undermine the health, ideally the break between exercises is 1 day — this is enough time for natural recovery of the muscles.

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