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Pullups on the bar: multi-functional exercise

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The bar is familiar to us from childhood is almost any Playground. But wanting him is never enough. If the long bar beckons, but you don’t know how to approach it — read about the proper technique, lifehacks and other things.

Why to catch up, cool?

  • It’s hard physically, in fact it is passion.
  • It’s powerful, beautiful.
  • Thanks to pull-UPS, you will have relief back and arms.

Any objections? The obvious advantages are visible to the eye, but not immediately understandable to the brain. Competent practice involves understanding the work and functions of the muscles, selection of exercises for the harmonious development of muscle groups, knowledge about the number of sets and repetitions in a particular exercise. Let’s understand in sequence.

Targeted muscles

Train pull — cool because it is one of the best basic exercises for developing the back. When you use both of your hands pull the body up, begins to work the latissimus dorsi, its main function is to allow the shoulder to the torso, so it also works in different types of rods. Our main muscle in exercise helping other small back muscles: rhomboids, the rear head of the deltoid, trapezoid, large and small round muscle, muscle, levator scapulae. The whole array of spins, in other words.

Of course, the hands pull you up to the bar, and this movement of flexion at the elbow joint, respectively, in the exercise involved the biceps and brachialis, the brachioradialis muscle of the forearm and does a partial work the triceps.

What good is pull? What are the benefits?

  • Develop the entire array back muscles and contribute to its triangular shape, which is so prized among athletes.
  • A more correct posture by strengthening the muscle groups throughout the greater part of the spine.
  • Visy and hold on the bar to develop grip strength, strengthen the ligaments of the wrist.
  • They will help to increase working weights in other exercises on the back.
  • Exercise is energy-intensive, so special programs can be used to reduce weight.
  • Promotes the release of growth hormone more than any other exercise on the back.
  • Options of direct/reverse grips and a different width setting hands allow you to shift the focus on the right muscles, evenly to pump all the muscle bundles.
  • The bar is easy to find in the yard, set the house. This is the easiest, but which is of great value!

The technical part

Lightweight versions of pull-UPS is possible by means of special rubber bands or on the Stairmaster gravitron. In all cases, the technique will be one with a difference.

To begin take a starting position: grip with palms facing away from you, hands slightly wider than shoulder width, take a shot. The legs should cross.

If you use the elastic band, hold it with both knees.

Arms are fully extended, begin to catch up, stop when the top of your chest reaches the bar.

For a moment linger in the top point and reduce the blade.

Fall, controlling the body, without rolling, straightening the arms to finish.

Types of pull-UPS

Classics are considered to be pull forward or reverse grip, hands shoulder width apart. How else to surprise your body and will contribute to further adaptation?

  • change the width of your grip from narrow to medium and wide;
  • use the weights;
  • try pull-UPS behind your head;
  • on the one hand;
  • ratnakaram;
  • parallel grip;
  • delays in the middle of the amplitude;
  • achieve muscle with negative reps.

Suitable for beginners gravitron or pull-up with elastic band, where you can also change the grip. When will the strength to do regular repetition, you need to make some negative to stronger to tire the muscles.

What else you should know about pull-UPS?

To avoid mistakes, doing exercise surely will help the following recommendations:

  • the motion is in one plane, no rocking;
  • the upper torso and arms are in one position when lowering and lifting the body;
  • straighten arms to the end, you will achieve the best stretching wide;
  • reaching the bar, take your blade, this allows more to reduce the muscles;
  • move at full amplitude;
  • if your back muscles are still very weak, you should start with exercises for the back with barbells and dumbbells, you can do the negative and partial repetition, on the crossbar;
  • start pulling with the weak muscles will help the gravitron;
  • when lifting the torso — exhale, in the negative phase of the breath;
  • optimum number of sets from 3 to 5, reps 10-15.

And finally, there was a couple of troubling issues.

What types of pull-UPS have the greatest anabolic effect?

Researchers at the American educational portal in the field of bodybuidling t-nation came to the conclusion that the highest growth hormone response cause a direct pull UPS wide grip with the weights, and pull-UPS reverse grip with weight. These findings are based on data electromyography of the broadest muscles. Using this knowledge, start back training with a few iterations of pull-UPS.

What is the importance of different types of grip?

With the help of EMG, another study (Youdas et al. 2010, USA) have proven that the reverse grip is a great activation of the extensors of the back, the pectoralis major and biceps. While straight grip large load gives the lower section of the trapezoids, and infraspinatus muscles.

This means that exercises need to include different types of grip and pull-UPS to the growth of the back muscles was uniform, and in the end the relief and width of your back and envied.

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