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Pulling up in female fitness: the benefits and methods of exercise

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Pulling up in female fitness: the benefits and methods of exercise
The contents

  • Use fitness training with pull-UPS for women
  • The nuances of fitness based on the pull-UPS
  • The options exercise for women

In fitness to strengthen the muscles of back, chest and shoulder girdle are used in different exercises, but pull-UPS in their effectiveness and benefits are the most popular among both men and women who strive to achieve and maintain good physical shape. At the same time women it is much harder to master this training the movement because the muscles of the shoulder girdle girls is usually much worse developed than in men. But with the right approach and a strong desire every woman can achieve a level of fitness that will allow during fitness training to catch up many times and in various ways.

Use fitness training with pull-UPS for women

If men often use pull-UPS in your fitness activities for the development of the muscles of the back and forming an athletic figure with attractive /a-line silhouette, woman using pull-UPS can achieve the following positive results:

  • to develop the muscles and the muscles of the upper torso and the muscular corset;
  • strengthen, stretch and relax the spine;
  • improve posture;
  • to reduce the amount of fat on the shoulders and get rid of flabby and saggy skin on the hands;
  • to increase the General level of physical training.

The nuances of fitness based on the pull-UPS

To quickly master the pull-UPS and get the maximum benefit, it is necessary during fitness workouts take into account the following nuances:

  • the weight of the body.

Obviously, the more weight, the harder it is to perform pull-UPS. Therefore, in parallel with strengthening of muscles of the back and upper extremities by performing various exercise movements with weights should be done fitness training aiming at safe and effective weight loss.

  • the diameter of the crossbar of the horizontal bar.

Hands women have a much weaker and smaller than men, and this fact creates poklonnitsa healthy lifestyle inconvenience, not allowing you to securely hang on the bar. Therefore, women are recommended to choose the diameter of the crossbar on which they can firmly hold their own body weight. In extreme cases, girls can use the fitness classes special wrist straps.

  • protection of the palms.

One feature is the thin skin on the palms, where after work on the bar are often formed painful calluses, not allowing subsequently to carry out a full fitness workout. To avoid this problem, you should use the thin gloves.

  • the nature of the grip.

This nuance depends on the distribution and focus the exercise on specific muscle groups. But at the initial stage, it is not as important as technique of lifting its own weight on the hands, so for beginners it is recommended not to experiment, and to use in exercise classic straight grip with the location of the hands on the bar at a distance from each other equal to the width of the shoulders or a little more.

The options exercise for women

To during fitness classes to master pull-UPS, you must do the preliminary work, regularly performing the following simplified versions of this training movement on the bar:

  • Vis.

Women with low fitness and high body weight is recommended to start with a horizontal bar with the simplest exercises — visa. For its implementation need to hang on the bar, folding her arms and raising of the calf, and hold in this position for as long as possible. During this time the muscle is a static exercise, strengthening muscle fibers and increased levels of fitness. To enhance the load is possible, while in vis, to bring the blades together for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this movement 10 times.

  • Negative pull-UPS.

This exercise is performed in the following way: you have to jump and grab the horizontal bar, locking the body in the upper position, in which the chin is level with the bar. Then slowly, feeling the muscles, to fall down, taking the starting position, like visa. During one of the fitness classes are encouraged to complete up to 4 of such approaches on 5-8 pull-UPS each.

  • Pullups in gravitron.

This is a special machine that simulates such shells, as the horizontal bar and parallel bars. The gravitron has a counterweight, through which to catch up in the simulator is much easier than on the classic horizontal bar. Regularly doing exercise in the gravitron, you can strengthen the muscles and increase the level of physical training. Fitness experts recommend beginners to combine work in the simulator with the classical pull-UPS on the horizontal bar.

  • Pull-UPS using a special gum.

Such shock-absorbing hinges are available in many gyms. One of their high end fixed and the other is used to perform a variety of exercises, including pull-UPS. Work with rubber bands also strengthens the muscles, so beginners can safely include it in the training program to the standard pull-UPS.

  • Pullups on the monkey bars.

To perform them to hang on the crossbar of the vertical ladder, and then to go down slowly, if necessary, leaning one foot on the bottom stair. The aim of this exercise is identical to the negative pull-UPS, and provides quality exercise for the back muscles and the entire shoulder girdle, and also trains grip strength.

  • Horizontal pulling.

To perform this variant of training the movement, to hang on the low bar, holding it in a classic straight grip. The lower limbs must be pulled forward, heels lightly touching the floor surface. Next to exercise, you need to pull the body closer to the bar, trying to touch the crossbar of his chest. It is recommended to repeat horizontal pulling for 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each.

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