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Pulling on the bar – grips and types

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Pulling on the bar – grips and types

Pull on the bar to help you efficiently work out the biceps and muscles of the thoracic. Those who are just starting to do fitness, you need to strive to result, at least fifteen “clean” pull-UPS without swinging and uneven jerks.

Depending on how the person pulled on the bar, make use of different muscle groups. In summary there are three techniques, and each has its own nuances.

Straight grip

A classical position with the palms placed myself. The main point of the exercise – width grip. If his arms too wide, significantly reduced the amplitude of movements, so for better development of the broadest muscle it is advisable to take the bar width of the shoulders. In this position, the work included the aforementioned latissimus dorsi and rear Delta.

With sufficient flexibility, you can use a wide grip and pull through the head. This will help you to train small chest muscles. It should be remembered that most men are not flexible enough for this technique, and improper execution of a health hazard. Popular among beginners followers HLS narrow grip safe, but completely useless.

Reverse grip

It is recommended to put your palms about shoulder-width apart. While lowering down the hands should be parallel to each other. This will help to fully load the biceps and to reduce the risk of damage to the joints. Simple, but effective technique is especially great for beginners, in most cases, coming to the fitness big biceps.

Parallel grip

To work with a medium parallel grip needed a special grip on the bar or high mounted hanging bars. Plus the parallel position is the same load on your back and biceps. This technique is very convenient to do, so how is it physiological position of the body, and the crossbar does not interfere with the movement. To additionally load the back can be bent a little.

For narrow parallel grip will have to move the handle of the simulator. You can put hands consistently, but then they will be used unevenly, and have to do the exercises alternately on each side.

Fitness need for an integrated approach

To get the best result, use three varieties of pull-UPS at a time. It is not recommended to use them all on every workout, or weekly. Experts recommend to catch up twice a week, each time using a different technique. Do not get hung up on one way to achieve symmetrical muscle development will help only a comprehensive approach.

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